Guardian (Zhen Huen) FanFic - [Untold Stories]

Guardian (Zhen Huen) FanFic - [Untold Stories]

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MiniOrchid By MiniOrchid Updated Feb 07, 2020

Untold stories started on a whim when I extended the scene for Episode 23 to satisfy my needs for skinship. However, the stories took a life of its own when the urge to add more BL scenes extension wherever I could fit becomes an obsession. May it be destiny or fate, I will continue their next journey until Weilan has the happy ending the drama did not provide.    

Weilan's Shrine:

***This fanfiction will follow the Guardian Chinese Drama. Due to China's censorship, some scenes in the drama were less than satisfying, thus I want to add a bit more one-shot spices for my own guilty pleasure. This is my first a BL fanfiction, which means I welcome any constructive feedbacks.  XD***
  SYNOPSIS: A world beyond scientific understanding with a group of passionate adults trying to solve cases done by such forces. ~~ Guardian is based on the novel Zhen Hun written by Priest.
  Drama: (from
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  WARNING: This is a *mature* BL (boy's love) fanfiction, which means it features male characters in a romantic relationship, if you're offended by this type of content, do not proceed.
  DISCLAIMER: I do not own the story and the characters. The original Author is Priest who published the novel in Chinese. The characters are base on the Guardian; the Chinese Drama broadcasted in 2018. Unless otherwise indicated, all material on these pages is copyrighted. 
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