Little Gilbert

Little Gilbert

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Heavenly By Sommer0813 Updated May 17

Let me take you back 1000 years ago. A family of seven. Youngest was a girl. A little one. Who everyone adored. Loved by all. In her little light pink dress. But all good things come to an end. The mother. A witch. Tried to save her. But did not succeed. But on her death bed. The witch cast a spell. For her to be reborn. Every 1000 years.

1000 years later. The girl was reborn into a loving family. A family of four. A loving mother. And caring father. A big sister to look up to. And a brother to mess around with.

What happens when the old siblings see here?
Do they even know about the spell?
Will the little girl be as loving as she was?
Or will they ignore her and carry on with there lifes?

This my vampire dairies friends. Is the story of little Bella.

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