Angel And The Dark Knight

Angel And The Dark Knight

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Stranger By vidhiuniverse Updated Aug 24, 2019

It's my first story on wattpad.
I m so happy my story got ranking in it's 1st week . 
Started writing 25/7/18
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                        Tears 26-12/8/18

It's a general fiction.



"I will never love you" were the exact words I said to him.

But who knew the destiny will have it's game played again. and I fell.
I fell for the person who hates me more than anything. For him nothing is more important than revenge,to give me pain.


I was trapped the moment I saw those mesmerizing brown eyes,which I thought will never see again.
It was as if those eyes had cast a spell upon me.
It would be so much fun to see tears in those beautiful eyes.

I wanted everything in my power to get her so that I can drawn in her beauty every fuc***g day. I will get her and never let go.

No no please ,stop!!!

I tried to scream but my voice came out as moan.i was frustrated and  angry with my own body, which is doing totally opposite of my mind wants to resist it oppose it but my body seeking pleasure from his was such a shame.
Tears brimmed at the corners of my eyes as I looked up in the eyes of monster who was molesting me to just satisfied his ego,the devil who destroyed my life ,my husband for whom the relationship is just for name sake.