Reincarnate in the world of magic!! But as a Girl!!

Reincarnate in the world of magic!! But as a Girl!!

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Villain heart By sakurameijiru Updated Aug 25

I died in an accident while walking on the side road after I just got back from my friend house and walking together with him and then ....

And I got hit, by what? try and guess...

Yup that, It's the good old truck-sama that like to bring people to the other world *sigh* I hope to be reincarnated please! 


The heck!! Goddess-san I'm a boy!

[I know I suck at this... but if you want to understand better read the prologue]

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This is... Wow. I love this story already. ♡(*´ω`*)/♡
Jaysil143 Jaysil143 Aug 14
Ok, I now what would happen in one part of this novel. They're gonna meet on another world and fell in love as a man, and a woman.
lucario688 lucario688 Oct 14
So essentially Nagisa from assasination classroom on how he looks
Zharod52 Zharod52 Aug 20
I would call her a deer because she just stood there after she knew that the kids were safe and got hit by a car
seio113 seio113 Aug 16
Be sure to pack a rape whistle with you sleepover supplies kids
I'm not sure if he can do anything thing 'straight' but... I let it slip this time...