Katherine Klein has been warned: Stay far away from Lance Walton. After one night in the country, the quintessential city girl has the unwanted attention of the infamous country boy. For months, she’s been dodging his advances, but a moment of weakness changes everything.
    Lance Walton felt immediately drawn to Katherine from the moment she knocked on his best friend’s door Christmas morning. Winning over this city girl is a mountain of a task for any country boy, but Lance is up to the challenge. He never expected the morning he left her naked at The Inn would be the last time he would see her.
    In the aftermath of her bad decisions, Katherine returns to the city. Haunted by what they shared and all she lost, she vows to never return to the country. But the country finds her unexpectedly when Lance shows up in the most unlikely place. But does he have the country boy charm to break through the walls of her heart and outshine the big city competition?
Still my favorite WP romance, even two years after reading it. <3
So we can't read this unless we buy the actual book?! I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH THOUGH!!
noooooooooo I just finished the halfway mark this is so unfair
I had a feeling that's what was the added heartache she got from being with him...
I got myself a cup of hot coffee by my side and this awesome book i'm going to read. No doubt I'll be clicking all the stars in the right corner. Lol
Finally have the time to read this masterpiece and understand Alys' love for Lance ;P lol