Please Let Me Live a Lazy Life!

Please Let Me Live a Lazy Life!

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Basic Synopsis: Maki Tanaka is lazy. Really, that's it.

Real Synopsis: Maki Tanaka had died after being pushed in front of the speeding truck. Without even a rest in between, he found himself transmigrated to the most innovated Otome Game of the Year called 'The Noblest of Love'.
Honestly, Tanaka couldn't care less about being inside of an otome game. He couldn't care less about all the capture targets, the so-called villain, the heroine, and even less about the fact that he's supposed to be some cannon fodder for his brother, Edward, who is one of the capture targets, to step on. He just wanted to sleep dammit.

After angering his father (therefore pissing off the rest of his family) with his listlessness, he was banished to Wisteria Estate on the other side of the capital separated from the main household. Which is awesome for Tanaka because he doesn't have to listen to his so-called 'family' prattle on and on about his uselessness.  Even so, it seemed there are some things that he couldn't avoid... 

The villain for example.

Tanaka: I'm sleepy...
Villain: Then let me hold you in my arms while you sleep~

Tanaka: I'm hungry...
Villain: Then I'll feed you~

Tanaka: I'm tired...
Villain: A bath might help you relax. Just turn around and let me wash your back~

Tanaka: I'm sore...
Villain: I can massage your body~
Tanaka: ...But it's your fault that I'm sore...

(AN: The MC starts off as a child, so any romantic development would be in later chapters. Some innocent tofu-touching will happen early on though~)

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Yu-cha Yu-cha 2 days ago
I can't find any good books so imma keep re reading this until it updates
claira232 claira232 3 days ago
This is giving me a super comfy feeling I’m gonna melt soon
claira232 claira232 3 days ago
I got probably around 7/90 and I have to say that this Tanaka is gradually becoming heavy competition for #1 with Tanaka-kun himself... lol
Dang, it's just like my parents. My mom screamed and ranted at me for two hours once because I made a B in geometry, because I messed my 4.0 GPA and now I'm only 3.974, I even attended state literary rally for Geometry, but my mom didn't care. She only cared about my 92 B...
SilentWatch83 SilentWatch83 3 days ago
Oh boyyy. ..
                              I bet his laziness is encouraged. For national security reasons.
AerilistaryliaSae AerilistaryliaSae 5 days ago
I'm sorry Tanaka were not twins after all. I'm lazy but average but you're lazy but fukin genius!