Forbidden Dreams

Forbidden Dreams

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Jennie By JennieWolf Updated Nov 13, 2011

Alex is in a dangerous position. Her gift is rare and far in between- and she never even knew she had it; blamed the weird things she saw as an overworked imagination. But it was all real. And when her dreams got her shunned by Heaven and left her Guardian Angel to die, her gift allowed her to see the truth...and she stumbled upon a flaw- a FLAW- in God.

And her friends and sister? They're beginning to see too....And things are starting to happen.

Forbidden things, forbidden love....

This is the story of the Forbidden Dreams.

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onelove1130 onelove1130 Sep 05, 2014
Jen when are you going to update this story I have been waiting for years............. Miss ya
JennieWolf JennieWolf Apr 20, 2011
@RubyDragon I know :) I put a warning at the end of the Prologue for those that are. While I don't want to disrespect them, that's won't stop me from writing. However, thank you for warning me regardless.
RubyDragon RubyDragon Apr 20, 2011
If this ever gets popular, I just want to warn you that there are quite a few very religious people on this site who would consider this story mild blasphemy.
onelove1130 onelove1130 Mar 16, 2011
Jenn u gotta continue im going nuts. plus jess has green eyes not blue