Operation: Avoiding Oh Sehun (EXO HunHan FanFic)

Operation: Avoiding Oh Sehun (EXO HunHan FanFic)

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Luhan woke up to become a girl?! How did that happen?! Worst of all, "she" somehow convinced everyone that Luhan went out for a vacation and that she's his younger sister! Will she be able to avoid every EXO member until she turns back into a boy? 

There may be eleven members to avoid, but one only holds a grudge against "her" the most.

Oh Sehun.

Let the operation begin.

I picked Luhan to be the girl because he looks like one and he has a pairing with Sehun! Girly Luhan + HunHan = This  FanFic :3 

Cover Credits To: KimchiiDesu :D

I can't stop laughing at my imagination of Luhan with long, wavy hair... 0-0
jiyoo961015 jiyoo961015 Aug 02
wowowowowowow. kind of excited with the first chapter and i would like to know how sehun would react about this changing :D
DearLu09 DearLu09 Sep 06
Lol somehow i forgot to leave comment on this. Btw i likee your story!
lforever lforever Jul 15
*sarcasm* No. You know what LuHan that girl is ME. I'm just copying your actions through the mirror and I'm trapped in there because Bloody Marie wanted some  company so she took me.