A Morgana Pendragon Story

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Kelly By BouncingRabbit Completed
A fanfic/story of Morgana Pendragon from BBC's 'Merlin'. Enjoy. :)
@BouncingRabbit I would die of happiness if she took Arthur to Avalon. Not really DIE, per say, but you get what I mean. :-D And thank YOU for writing this pure awesomeness, I'm soooo glad I found it!
@BouncingRabbit ooo really, I haven't seen that I'll have to look it up! thanks :) They should have kept it in!
@BouncingRabbit I have enjoyed it! :) And yeah it does! Sometimes I think the show needs to spend more time looking at her real feelings rather than just her revenge. :)
Really like it! I love writing the seer/prophetic parts and from the looks of this so do you! It's really well written :) gonna read more! :)
I really like this so far really good job. :) Can't wait to see how this all goes wooo hehe
Most Exerlent indeed. You have got the charactors exactly right. Looking forword to more.