Let Her Go

Let Her Go

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UnknownKiddo By UnknownKiddo Updated Jun 03, 2016

I slowly walked to our bed, ripping off my shirt and carelessly throwing it on the floor. Somehow I managed to lift the covers without making much noise and lay on the bed. She shifted turning over not facing me.

She was up.

I moved closer and wrapped my arms around her. I smelled her. Felt her. Heard her. Even placed a kiss on her shoulder and tasted her. She appeared so fragile under me. So soft and innocent. I didn't know why I still take her for granted. She was still here with me even though I've hurt her. I've treated her like shit, cheated on her and still, she loved me. I inhaled her vanilla bean scent and slowly drifted to sleep.

I woke up to an empty bed and that actually hurt. Every time I woke up Lia would still be in my arms, hair everywhere, her legs securely trapping me. Lately however she's been distant, something that has been agonizing me.  She hasn't been reaching over for me at night and she's  The pillow would be drenched in tears and she would be silently cr...

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XxBunny_FighterxX XxBunny_FighterxX Jan 05, 2017
Can this boi look in the mirror and use this line to describe himself?
Raelynns_Rhaps0dy Raelynns_Rhaps0dy Nov 04, 2016
You will " definitely " win her back that way jackson keep it up