My Boss's Lust

My Boss's Lust

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....."Sit down, Miss Foster. Now."
I stare at my hand hovering the door knob, but know that if I am to keep this job, I'll have to comply. I mentally slap myself, turning around to go back to sit.
When I do, he turns the chair I'm in and his own so that we are face-to-face. He pulls me closer, knocking my knees apart. He slips his hand up the inside of my thigh. When I try to close them, he holds then open.
"Try to stop me and you'll regret it." he groans huskily. I feel a shiver slides down my spine as I heed his warning. He stares into my eyes while he moves slowly up. He moves my panties and I gasp as his fingertip grazes my.....

Quiet, shy Phoenix Foster has suffered some hardships, but that doesn't stop her from being ambitious. She starts a new job at The Rivers Industry and she's aiming for success. She's on a good start, but there is an obsticle or two in her way.

The "obsticle's" name is Andrew Rivers. The son of the president of the company.  Also, her boss.

Simina29 Simina29 6 days ago
I can't do that,  my passport picture looks like I was a murder witness
i want he to be hotter like like.....................ohoh.............
Vicky_Domii504 Vicky_Domii504 Oct 04, 2016
No. Ill just imagine him as colton haynes or zayn malik, sorry
julievetje julievetje Feb 13
Sorry But no... i just gonna imagine Ian somerhalder 😍😍😐😐
SoomyLoomy SoomyLoomy Dec 14, 2016
Come on girls he can't be in his twenties and be the head of a big firm !!!!!!!!!!