Bloody Truth

Bloody Truth

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Year 1736

  Vampires have left the life of story tales and stepped out to coexist with man kind. For many years the creatures of the night have haunted the dark but now they haunt your every waking hour. Humans, the rich humans, still hold power in the changing world but are nothing compared to the pure blooded vampires. The pure ones are and forever will be on the top.  The lands have been divided equally into six kingdoms. Lords hold the power to all within their kingdom. when rouge wolves begin to terrorize towns the lords must step up to protect their kingdoms. 

Anastasia Stone, a servant for the rich could possibly be the key to peace between the species. 

Lord Draven  Acton. A merciless ruler of the southern land and last vampire of the Acton bloodline. He wears his name proudly and will protect it with all cost. He had always been taught to rule the humans and now he's to marry one.

The council has decided to arrange a mirage. A human girl and a vampire lord. What will happen when a simple, shy human girl is paired with a ruthless, human hating vampire? Only time will tell.

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