Immortal Sangre

Immortal Sangre

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Raven Vice By RavenRavenous Updated May 01, 2010

There are two sides to everything... even the world you live in.
On one side, there is the everyday, the normal...the safe.
On the other side of this coin is another side few rarely see and live to tell of.
Those books you read about things that go bump in the night...
May be more real then you yet realize.
And far more dangerous then you last thought.

There are things that move in the shadows, things that slink in the slime, and things that feed off your fear. There are things that kill, things that mutilate and maim. There are things that would sooner kill you than look at you...
And there are the ones that protect you.
The Casters, put in place to keep the two sides of the coin from becoming one face, are slowly faling apart, their numbers less and less...
and slowly the darkness is gaining a foothold.
Don't misunderstand, not all the things that bump in the night are evil...
Not all of them are dark...
But so many are that it's hard to tell the difference...

This underbelly of your world is getting ready to call for blood.
The drums of war are beating, the fear-eaters feeding, and the time for fighting has come...
Which side will you choose?
Human vs beast?
Caster vs Nightmare?
Good vs evil?

Who will win...
Who will lose...
Who will LIVE?

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RavenRavenous RavenRavenous May 07, 2010
Im really glad that you like it,
                              AND that you commented. lol
                              Thank you<3
findingneverland findingneverland May 06, 2010
I like it a lot :D
                              & I'm glad that you like my background :D
                              & I know what you mean about people on here being comment shy :)
RavenRavenous RavenRavenous May 01, 2010
                              Yeah! i know right? XD lol
                              sure thing!
                              I'll take a look. 
RavenRavenous RavenRavenous Apr 28, 2010
                              You have got to be the sweetest :D lol
                              Im hoping to get more comments, but it seems everyone on here is comment shy...
                              I mean, seriously, 100-something reads and like 3 comments? lol
                              Anyways, Im excited to read what you got. Cant wait. :D
sparkling-angel sparkling-angel Apr 27, 2010
                              Thanks for the hugh xD 
                              Well, I didn't ­post anything yet. I want to f­inish at least a few chapters ­first but thanks anyway. I'' let you know when I do...You're so nice ^_^ 
                              I'm sure you'll­ get other comments soon :) co­z this is awesome 
RavenRavenous RavenRavenous Apr 25, 2010
                              thank you so mu­ch. As the first to comment...­ YOU GET A HUG! lol 
                              I had no idea w­hat else to give you. :P 
                              But I'll be sur­e to return the favor and read­ and comment on yours<3