Ghost. (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction) [ON HOLD]

Ghost. (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction) [ON HOLD]

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Seventeen year old Aria Waller has her life changed when her dad gets a promotion which causes her family to move from the city of Chester to Holmes Chapel. The realtor drops the price of the house in order for the Waller family to buy it. Settling into the new house, Aria begins to feel odd breezes within the rooms. After complaining to her parents about the unusual draftiness, they do nothing but brush off her comments. Aria later discovers the root cause of the chilling breezes: a ghost. He is a friendly ghost with a dark past. Find out how Aria develops a warm relationship with this ghost by helping him move on from his past.


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  • action
  • betrayal
  • cute
  • direction
  • friendship
  • ghost
  • harrystyles
  • heartbreak
  • intensity
  • love
  • one
  • scary
  • sorrow
Native_Princess4 Native_Princess4 May 22, 2016
Y'all saying it's never gonna happen. Shoot I used to baby sit and everytime I got a drawing I put it up. Never take things like that for granted
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i hate being hot..the ac is never off in my house, its like an ice box
Larry_lover321 Larry_lover321 Jun 25, 2015
my girlfriends ex name is Jamie and that bitch keeps tryna break us up. bruh
gannaaly2014 gannaaly2014 May 25, 2015
 Amazing! btw I am Egyptian too  mind checking my fanfics? ?
Jay_Horan37 Jay_Horan37 Jul 14, 2014
That's how I sit at the table, but my jerk of a step-dad says "that's not how you sit at the table", but it's totally ok with my mom!