Magic Holiday Thrills  - Mágicas y emocionantes fiestas | CLOSED

Magic Holiday Thrills - Mágicas y emocionantes fiestas | CLOSED

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We are proud to introduce our first bilingual and multi-profile contest! 
¡Estamos orgullosos de presentar nuestro primer concurso bilingüe y multi-perfil!

This magical and thrilling holiday contest is brought to you by:
Este mágico y emocionante concurso festivo, es traído por:


 Submissions are open to all English and Spanish users on Wattpad!
Inscripciones abiertas para todos los usuarios de habla Inglesa e Hispana en Wattpad!

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LewisLightwood LewisLightwood Dec 01, 2017
WHAT!?!?! UUUUUGGGHHHH!!! I wanted to write a Dark Artifices fanfiction!!! I guess I still could. It just wouldn't be the same....
peakyshelby peakyshelby Dec 08, 2017
Also when you say saving Christmas does it have to be literal or can it be metaphorical? As in something bad happened to a family but a miracle saved their Christmas Day and the family was happy in the end?
StreetRacer-Sam StreetRacer-Sam Dec 04, 2017
So a holiday movie is a movie which takes place on a holiday or a movie that revolves around a holiday.
yemihikari yemihikari Dec 24, 2017
So, my dyslexia kicked in, and I find myself realizing the date said the 20th and not the 30th. :)
peakyshelby peakyshelby Dec 08, 2017
Is it ok if it's cut in the middle and half of it is action and the other half is just Christmas magic?
SarahStyles2194 SarahStyles2194 Dec 01, 2017
I would love to participate but I don't know if I could come up with anything! Ugh, better get to work! :)
                              Worth a shot to try!