The Bleak Spots

The Bleak Spots

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Nebulae By Nebulae Updated Jan 04, 2018

"I will gladly chopped off your retarded balls if any of you dared to touch them, my gigolos. Go, do it. I.Dare.You."

After nearly dead from an assassination attempt, Karen Takayama, the infamous second-in-command of Yakuza, exclaimed that both males CIA agents, Louis Adrien and Conrad Stalin, were her gigolos while pointed out the tip of her sword on a gang's leader.... crotch.

How come a female yakuza and two males CIA agents got tangled in such bizarre setting? And what about the assassin? Was that all?

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[Rated PG-13/Rated T]

First Published : 22 December 2017.
Finished :

Cover : Made by myself.
[Pictures credit to : Qbenk (deviantart) & google]

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