Sweet Son of a Mobster

Sweet Son of a Mobster

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"Sean - I - No - We can't date." She stood abruptly, bumping the table, making the bottle tip over. "I - No!" She stared at me like a small animal caught in the middle of the highway.

Sean's rich. He's powerful. He's inherited his family's legacy  ... the money ... the mansion ... the bloodshed ... but he's lost the only thing he ever truly cared about- his wife. He didn't think he could love again. He never tried. He wasn't looking  ... then her. 
The new dancer at his strip-club is  clumsy, smart mouthed, a terrible waitress and her performance on stage is ghastly ... but she's good at capturing his heart. 

 Jessie never planned to be a stripper ... but life happens.  She's on the run, hiding out, concealing secrets and the gentlemen's club on the wrong side of town seems like the perfect place. Denying Sean's advances are hard ... but she has to, because the truth would not only break his heart ... but possibly end her life.

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