A Taste of Sweet Ecstasy

A Taste of Sweet Ecstasy

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In other words, read at your own risk because I was 16 and wrote this with my eyes closed obviously.

Adrianna Winters is playful, carefree, and sarcastic. She likes to live on edge and have so much fun that she wakes up looking like a drugged up hooker with a killer hangover in the morning and she swears she'll never drink again but she's back on the booze hours later.    

"Officer," I purred, "I swear to drunk I'm not god..." Archie snorted beside me and I turned to glare at him. Jesus, how drunk am I? Did I just purr at an officer that looks like a chocolate version of Homer Simpson? 

Okay calm down Adrian. Think, think, think!  God if you're listening to me right now I'm sorry for stealing Britney Taylor's chocolate bar in third grade and I'm sorry for telling stinky Meli that no matter how many sample perfume magazines she rubbed on herself, she will still stink like donkey shit. Oh and I'm sorry for having sex with Conner Rossi in the locker room instead of being in Biology, wait I only half regret that because the way he used his...had me...Okay Adrian so not the time. Alright - God, well I'm sorry for being a douche bag but if you're still listening could you please poof Officer Crowley away?

Getting arrested with my best friend's devilishly good looking arrogant brother who also happens to be my child hood friend was not how I imagined this night to go.    

WARNING: Rated R for language and mild sexual content.

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xosweetheart27 xosweetheart27 Jan 26, 2015
Hi! I just started your story, and I have to say, I love it!! I'm so excited to keep reading :)
Damo3022 Damo3022 May 10, 2014
I can just tell by reading this that it's you writing hahahaha
melbender melbender Mar 25, 2014
Thankyou for the dedication. Look forward to reading this :)