How To Seduce A Werewolf

How To Seduce A Werewolf

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monkogs12 By monkogs12 Updated Jan 05, 2014

Her innocence radiated off of her like fine perfume, yet he couldn't control the beast inside him to keep his hands to himself. Knowing his every action was wrong-illegal to be exact, he couldn't bring himself to care. Finally, in all the years of searching, he had found his soul mate, the very beautiful woman that was made just for him.
But he had a problem- what if she was his student?

Olivia Hail could never do anything wrong. It was how she was raised, she never disobeyed anyone.  Life hasn't been the same for her after her first shift. After finding out about her Father's death, she heads off to school- only to discover the very attractive Mr Hutchinson, one of her teachers that she never got along with happens to be her soul mate? If that wasn't enough, he's very angry when little Olivia tells him that they can't be together because 'they both could get in a lot of trouble' & since her Uncle thinks she hasn't found her mate yet, he calls a party of males to come and visit her.

Now, with a very angry and jealous mate that is her teacher, and a little help from a best friend, can Olivia step out of her comfort zone? Or will Olivia end up in the hands of another male?

MyMustacheIsMystical MyMustacheIsMystical Feb 25, 2015
I have a Mr Hutchinson at my school too! I haven't had him before but I heard that he gives out a lot of homework
melancholyhigh melancholyhigh Jun 01, 2014
I'm confused but I feel like this book is going to be really good
TheGoodTwin TheGoodTwin Apr 01, 2014
This ir really confusing. One minute she's shifting, the next. . . Her father's dead.
RoRoTweetyBear RoRoTweetyBear Aug 05, 2013
Holy Chiz what happened while she was knocked out...and how long was he knocked out
candybabe625 candybabe625 Jul 03, 2013
hmm a bit confusing but will read on to see great description about the change btw
Parahunter_Mathgeek Parahunter_Mathgeek Apr 16, 2013
I want to comment something meaningful and stuff, but the whole chapter was just so amazing that I can't focus on one part. You are an amazing author :).