KAYA OS :- An unexpected confession..

KAYA OS :- An unexpected confession..

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Praptii Jain By praptiijain7 Completed

She kept a finger on his lips and said poking in his chest with her other finger... While she continued to be in his arms...

" sshhhhhhhh..... Bilkul chup.. Kabir app kitna bolte ho.. Aur use bhi jayada daante ho... You are a very bad boy.. Main apse katti ho jaungi.. " 

Kabir made a weird face.. 

What is wrong with her? 

But then getting closer to her , he smelled champagne.. 

Holy shit! Where did she got champagne from?? Last time galati se pee li thi.. Uske baad toh.. 😲.. Oh noo..

He remembered the last time she drank.. And then.. It was worst than difficult to handle her.. ' Kabir paseena paseena ho gaya tha.. 😛'

Ananya came dangerously close to Kabir..

She blabbered in her half slept state;

"Tell me those three magical words..." 

(I love you was what she expected.. ) 

Kabir turned the wheel to his left before he replied..;

                          "I am yours forever.."

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