Reach for the Stars (boyxboy)

Reach for the Stars (boyxboy)

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samie By windbehindwinter Updated May 29, 2018

He's talented, innocent, calm, capable, and famous. That's Charlie Carson. 

He's uninterested, intelligent, rebellious, and secretive. That's Archer Price. 

When Charlie gets an offer to become Hollywood's biggest sensation, an opportunity to make a huge crater in the music industry, he just can't turn it down. But how far will he be willing to push himself to make it to the top? 

Two years go by, and Charlie has nearly made his mark. To bring out more excitement in his fans, his producer says he needs to take a "creativity vacation", where he can relax from making songs and go back to his hometown and enjoy life like a normal student in the High school of Tahoe City Central, California. 

"Three months. You get three months. Don't fuck anything up, don't get attached to anyone, just charm them all and promote your music, then run on back here to Hollywood with your pockets stuffed with cash. Do you understand?"

"Yes. I understand." 

"Good, remember, just don't tell anyone that you're..."



"Girls like boys and boys like girls and that's the way it should be forever." 
*Based off of the song "Radio-Friendly Pop Song" by Matt Fishel*