Alpha Love

Alpha Love

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cookielover135 By cookielover135 Updated Jul 21, 2015

SEQUEL to ' My Life My Alpha.....MyLove'!!!!


"MINE!!" He growled and the next thing I knew I was pinned to the wall with his head buried in the crook of my neck. Pleasure coursed through my body as his body molded to mine. I heard him growl again and he fisted the shirt I was wearing. Mind you it was the ONLY thing I was wearing.

"Whose shirt is this?" he asked his eyes burning into mine.

"T-the, y-your beta." I replied stuttering.

"You saw her naked?!" the alpha roared, turning to the beta who was standing by the door staring wide eyed at us.

"Woah, calm down man. I didn't know she was your-"

"Get Out!!" the alpha growled cutting him off.

The beta immediately scampered out of the office, closing the door on his way out. The alpha then proceeded to rip the shirt off of me and chuck it to the other side of the room. I gasped as I lifted my arm to cover my body but before I could he pulled me to him and I fisted my hands in his shirt.

"I will kill any man who has seen you naked. You are mine. No other man will EVER touch you or look at you inappropriately again. You belong to me now baby."


Isabelle has grown up her entire life as a rouge. All her life she and her mother has been abused by her father, but on her eighteenth birthday she decides she has had enough and convinces her mother, Lucy, to run away with her. However, her mother backs out at the last minute to stay with her abusive mate, all in the name of love. Now belle is out on her own, running from her father's abusive ways and trying to stay alive.


Damon Weston, eldest son of former Alpha and Luna, Zac and Jessica Weston has now taken over as Alpha of the Midnight pack. He has just turned twenty-one and has almost lost hope on finding his mate as most of his friends have already found theirs. That is, however, until a certain little rouge turns up on his territory.

  • alpha
  • alphamate
  • mate
  • possessive
  • werewolf
whitetiger342 whitetiger342 May 22, 2016
Wait lucy?? Dylan is Isabella's dad ?!!! Holy Fūckïńg crackers !!
DianePayne3 DianePayne3 Apr 29, 2016
I love it and already he has nickname for her and they don't know each other names or know stuff about each other
AliciaVeritas AliciaVeritas Sep 15, 2014
omg I just figured it out after reading the description! !!! 
                              Bella is Dylan's (aka abusive rouge father/mate) and Lucy's daughter!
RosiPhillips RosiPhillips Jul 16, 2014
Oh! That is one hellava hook. Uh-huh. I can't wait to read this!