Blog of a Teenage Superhero

Blog of a Teenage Superhero

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"Who are you?" the supervillain asks.  His breathless voice is surprisingly soft.

I slam my hands on either side of him, leaning in so close my nose touches his mask. I'm the taller one. "It's 'Please Don't Kick My Sorry Butt,' but you can call me 'Too late, I Already Did.' " 

And I have to admit, that one I'm a little too proud of.

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The superheroes are gone.
For as long as Monet can remember, a league of superheroes has guarded her city. They were the citizens' idols, guardians, and best friends. Then, only months ago, those same heroes poofed, leaving the population at the mercy of a supervillain known as 'Masquerade.'

As teen reporter and self-proclaimed defender of truth, justice, and the American way, Monet Jackson vows to do anything to find the heroes. And that "anything," unfortunately, includes taking a dip in a vat of toxic chemicals, being fired, and being hunted by Masquerade himself.

But someone's gotta protect the city, and she might as well write a blog about it.

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frenetiic frenetiic Dec 21, 2017
Wouldn't it be ironic if her powers were something that involves water?
sunnyHey sunnyHey Apr 21
Wait it's acid? Like deadly stuff? Do I smell a recipe for super powers?
i imagine it as being thrown in a large and deep pool of super heated baby oil
FreyaMason28 FreyaMason28 Dec 20, 2017
Tbh if I was in her place I would do the same, flipping him off is the funniest thing you could do in that situation.... and the most useful in my opinion.
Erm, what?! She’s pregnant. Someone help, is what I think she meant what she actually meant? I’m kind of really confused 🤷‍♀️
Water is actually a lot more dangerous than people think.... especially if you're in Australia or the Amazon.