His Weakness (Slowly Editing) - Completed

His Weakness (Slowly Editing) - Completed

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Yui Ismutomo By Justme_Ai Completed

All Adrianne wants is to be given recognition from her parents and to be the daughter that they deserve. 

But her plan goes astray when a certain bad boy and local gang leader, Gavin, develops an interest in her. 

This is the story of Adrianne and Gavin, the rich girl and the sexy Cuban Gang leader. They have no idea what love can do to them and their lives.

Wait a sec, I've read this before. Whoa, awesome! I've totally forgot I had this book, time to reread it!
I'm in a public school with programs and if I get lower than a C or two C's I get kicked out of the program I'm in which is premed and if it's not your homeschool and you get kick out of a program then you you can't attend that school anymore
jamieleighkelly1 jamieleighkelly1 5 days ago
Omfg my mum would be proud if i got above e so he should be happy 😊
rosala99 rosala99 Oct 09
How can they be so ...... insensitive. I know that parents can be pushy for studies but this is worst
Wow, none of the schools will take her because of her grades?? Then that just proves how stupid the teachers/school is when it comes to teaching they're students education, obviously they're not a good school if they can't help raise their students grades 🙄
alynevaeh alynevaeh Nov 29
Omfg no baby its okay, for realzies don't be sad. Sad spelled backwards is  das and das not good!