My mate is the Alpha King??

My mate is the Alpha King??

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krisha By grish13 Updated Apr 28, 2012

hey guys this is my new story...hope u enjoy it...!!

I will only continue if i get a good response so do lemme know ull like it or not



Zebadiah Dacre is the head alpha of the entire werewolf clan in the world! He is known as the king alpha and is famous as the most powerful and deadly alpha in the world. He is 26 years old.He became alpha when he was 18 years old. The title of alpha was passed on to him by his late father who was the alpha king before him.He is invincible in the werewolf world.

Every wolf has to bow to him every time they see him and they cannot make eye contact with him unless he says otherwise.He is not a cruel alpha but he is very strict and disciplined.According to him rules are meant to be followed and if they are broken then there will be consequences.

Today is the get together ceremony of all the state alphas and their families in the royal palace.They were ...

ShatteredMind ShatteredMind Jun 06, 2012
This is kind of like my story.... :l the concept of the alpha king was something that I wrote