Standardtitlen - skriv din egen titel

Standardtitlen - skriv din egen titel

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Mejamette By Mejamette Updated Jun 25, 2017

Caspar's POV.
I always knew somewhere in my head that I wasn't like every other guy. When the other guys talked about a girl that they met at a pary, or that they just saw some cute girl on the street. I felt so lost.
I thought guys were hot, I started thinking that it just was a phase or something. I couldn't be... gay, right?

After a few months had passed I knew that I just had to accept the fact that I was gay, homosexual, just.. different.

Three years passed...

- Caspar, hurry! Nia called, "We're gonna be late, this is my first big audition!" I sighed but walked faster. "And we are already.." I looked at my watch, and made an overly suprised face. " 40 minutes early!" Nia sighed but smiled at me. " You know that I want to be there early, this is my first ever audition for something this big, and i want everything to be perfect" She said the last part with puppy dog eyes and blinked at me. 
I walked up to her and smiled. 
"And it's gonna be because you are an amazing singer and y...