The BASSEY project (Watty's 2017)

The BASSEY project (Watty's 2017)

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Stanly Benson By STANLY_BENSON Updated Jun 15, 2017

His mother always told him "life is hard, only the high and mighty make out alive." Bassey is only about to find out how true that is.

For me moving to the big city to pursue my dreams as a fashion designer was quite easy. Like riding a bike; except the bike is on fire, and I'm on fire, and everything is on fire and I'm In hell.

Don't believe me? Here are a few reasons why. 

1. I got a job with the devil's incarnate who has an obsession with white and forces everyone to wear it.

2. I have two demons out to destroy me -nope scratch that, everything is out to destroy me, even my bathtub. - 

3. I think my one night stand at Dante's party is stalking me.

4. A celebrity model is using me as a cover to hide her secret (not that I'm complaining.)

5. I may or may not be responsible for the wardrobe malfunction of platinum selling, international sensation Ikpa at the headies awards and now over 700 million fans are out to get me.

6. Suddenly, I must learn to balance the ever changing and ever competitive world of fashion with church, my job, friends and family while maintaining a semblance of normalcy for my aging mother.

See? Easy, like a riding a bike.

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