Unusual and unique character names

Unusual and unique character names

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Sabrina By sabrinast Updated Dec 21, 2013

Have you ever had trouble picking a name for your character? Are you tired of hearing the same overused names over and over?

Here's a list of over 130 unique character names (in alphabetic order) that'll help you! 

+Tips for picking a name!

                              WOO, IT IS ARIA
                              That means I ain't unique
                              *Hides in corner*
Suneha_10 Suneha_10 Jun 29
Rhea is my name. Atleast someone actually got unique names. ....
yeonniverse_ yeonniverse_ 4 days ago
Ain, Universe, Ayne, Aryanna, Emerald, Starry, Jane, Janessa, Ayesha,
Kara? Hmmm. Change the k to c. Its Cara delevigne's name and my name
ellen791623 ellen791623 May 22
I thought that "Savannah" said "Savage" for a sec 😂😂😂
LumosLife LumosLife Apr 25
Azariah, Aubree, Chandler, Daria, Gabe, Hart, Ida, Kenna, Lunar