Duck In The Battlefield

Duck In The Battlefield

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Lovely Loser By UrLovelyElliMea Updated Jul 10

Chaya a.k.a Duck is badass without a doubt (or so she says) but that doesn't stop her from ogling hot guys, batting her eyelashes like she's in a desert storm, blushing like a psycho or joining a fight club.....wait a minute a normal girl wouldn't do that!

 Despite her innocent and childish exterior Duck  never follows the rules. She's rude, insanely optimistic, and a failure at being the hopeless romantic she is.  And when it comes to Duck the most important thing to remember is... expect the unexpected.

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*** Amazing cover made by CottonCandySugarh ***

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I was on my way to Unicornious Tropicilious when suddenly a sneaky troll threw a potato at me!! So me being me, I had to throw it back and we started a potato fight!!! Then I tripped and fell into a pole and the troll scurried off without even helping me!!!
Duck, Duck goose
                              I imagined Emily osment playing her 
                              USA 10:39
GemX4Z GemX4Z Jan 01
Casper the ghost threw a potato at me and then I tripped and hit a pole^^^
warmhands_coldheart warmhands_coldheart Jun 17, 2016
I haven't even started reading this book and i already love it😂
- - Jan 25, 2016
Okay, this is definitely going to be an interesting book. I can tell just by the first chapter, which is already full of mystery and action. This wasn't what I had been expecting at all and I am loving it.
ramo_howin ramo_howin Feb 15, 2014
Wow. This chapter seriously hooked me! Just, wow. 
                              The only spelling error I spotted was the last word. Ok, second to last. It's you're, not your ;)
                              Voted! See you in the next chapter! :3