Turn Of  Events

Turn Of Events

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varshaXD By varshaXD Updated May 27, 2013

B-but... you said you like me!" Susan stuttered, disbelief clouding her eyes. I've barely even said a paragraph but she's already crying a barrel of"  tears? If it wouldn't be so embarrassing and, not to mention, unsanitary, I really would have pissed on my pants right now. But I held
"Look bab-" I tried to explain but she cut me off again.

"Don't you dare baby me, alright? All you are is a jerk, a pathetic excuse of a human being! And you know what else, Cameron? Oh, I bet you've never heard this bit. You'd be surprised. You're nothing but a heartless man-whore." She emphasized the last three words slowly with utmost animosity, anger and passionate hatred that it brought a tendril of hurt in me for a second. But I shrugged it off and with that, she ran away.

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starfishinthesky starfishinthesky Apr 09, 2012
HEY RAIINNN!!!! you're right, editing did LOTS of wonders to this chapter!! keep it up yo!!!
starfishinthesky starfishinthesky Mar 18, 2012
hey rain!! :D this a nice chap!! it's even better than the first one xD less errors, although there are still some that needs improvement (puncutations, too many spaces? and stuff) but other than that IT'S AWESOME!!! ICE ICE BABY!!!! It's seriously getting better :DDD
gibby101 gibby101 Mar 12, 2012
i like it so can u upload new twist instead of the kid being set up to get married he finds the one he wants to marry. and is he in high school?university?
tepidly tepidly Mar 11, 2012
This seems really interesting and amazing!! Yeah I agree with @starfishinthesky there are a few errors but they aren't that big, and overall it was great! **voted** =)