Nothing but the Cold, Hard Truth

Nothing but the Cold, Hard Truth

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Alaska Rue By alaskarue Updated Mar 15, 2017

Nothing is normal about Rainey's life. How can it be when she can hear people's thoughts? And not just any thoughts too, but thoughts about her. Oh, what a nightmare.

But then, in the fall of her senior year of high school, things take a really weird turn. A boy shows out of nowhere, and for the first time, she can't hear a single thing. But with this strange boy comes a legion of bad people who want to study her and, worse, kill her. It's hard to imagine now that her biggest problem used to be trying to make it through high school and getting the heck out of Toronto.

A psychological thriller for young adults, Nothing but the Cold, Hard Truth is jam-packed with adventure, drama, mystery and even a little romance. At the heart of it though, Nothing but the Cold, Hard Truth seeks to answer a curious existential question:

What would your life be like if you could hear every single thought about you?

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  • highschool
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  • mindreading
  • mystery
  • psychologicalthriller
  • romance
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