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Given (Wattpad Books Edition) by Nandi_taylor
Given (Wattpad Books Edition)by Nandi Taylor
WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION. Bound by fate. Divided by duty. Yenni has never been this far from home. With only her wits, her strength, and her sacred runelore, the fierce Yir...
Daughter of the Sword by talia-v
Daughter of the Swordby T
Women have no place... Except in the hands of fate. As the firstborn son of General Calloway, Mera's twin brother, Luke, has trained his entire life to inherit the magi...
WISH: Princess Villainess Love Gamble by MissyBonsai
WISH: Princess Villainess Love Missy Bonsai
I am Princess Krueger, and by the way I hate my name. My parents got divorced when I was 5, and I am left with my gangster father. Obviously I became a gangster too, my...
The Love He Never Understood by raylorandrew
The Love He Never Understoodby raylorandrew
A frail and petite girl defied the Lords to take what is rightfully hers .
Conquering Worlds: The Cultivating Celestial by Realm_Spirit
Conquering Worlds: The Realm_Spirit
When Li Yue met an unforseen disaster on one night, she didn't expect she would get betrayed by someone close. At the same night, she managed to stumble in an ancient ru...
[On Hiatus] Bring it on, Heroine! by _ScarletGlasses_
[On Hiatus] Bring it on, Heroine!by Kalisha
Getting killed by a stray bullet, our main character wishes to be given another life to live with. But never did she expect that she'll be reincarnated as the young daug...
Remnant of Power by Windracerthehorse
Remnant of Powerby Windracerthehorse
Something quite alarming has been happening to Princess Yavenna, heir to the throne of Tarhasta. Since her sixteenth birthday a year and a half ago, she's been getting s...
Even As Dust We Sparkle by Sejuru
Even As Dust We Sparkleby SushiFantashi
A poetry collection written by Sejuru about misunderstood villains, self-love, empowerment, and inner strength.
Dark Queen by HannahGLaine
Dark Queenby Hannah G. Laine
The Kingdoms of Dyron Series ~ Book 2 ~ In birth, they will be bound. Daughters born of Night and Day. Two Queens with the magic of darkness and light. Only the mightie...
🌕️🌟☀️❄🌈 With drawing✨ Slow ang story pero Hindi ang author don't skip the AUTHOR'S BEGINNING at may THANK YOU ETOILE'S Did my fwather and brother's look good I'm n...
To Turn Back Time by Goddess-of-Laziness
To Turn Back Timeby Jhekit
To kill or to be killed, 12,000 years from now on the Human race have prospered beyond everybody's expectations and predictions, and as heavy as the first sentence may s...
Be long gone by Odunstella1
Be long goneby Stella Akinsanya
Can the Daniels live in the world they found themselves? Is it possible to live in a world that is against you? Life sure comes with obstacles, did they adjust? Reloca...
Golden Sandals by willowhwood
Golden Sandalsby Willow H. Wood
When Zeus and Ares each planted a daughter in the wombs of mortal women, claiming their daughters - let alone sons - would be stronger offspring than the other's, they u...
The Novelist [ONGOING] by theLonelyGuardian
The Novelist [ONGOING]by S.A.D.
The boy ran after her but she was already on the stairs, "I can teach you the Mozart. And I really like it when you call me Sunbae. But what's your name?" The...
Trouble, Little Mistress by EthoPedagogue
Trouble, Little Mistressby Excera
No clever person wouldn't use their intellect to prosper. I'm narcissistic, fearful and born unloved. The first is a core part of my being that cannot be removed, the se...
Chaos Looming by HBReneau
Chaos Loomingby H.B. Reneau
"Highly creative fantasy world." - ★★★★★ Readers' Favorite "An excellent YA Fantasy read to start off 2021!" - ★★★★★ Sarah Foil, YA Fantasy Writer an...
Lionheart by MollyGreenwood
Lionheartby Molly Greenwood
The year is 1189, and Richard the Lionheart reigns as King of England. But the story behind his titular legacy is a shared one; it's the story of a compassionate King we...
Babaeng bl reader ang mareincarnate sa libro at sa reverse harem pa at as a villianess ahhhhh with a little plot twist Ano bang pamgkaraniwang ginagawa ng mga narereinc...
The Conquerer by fjwishere
The Conquererby fjwishere
To eat, or to be eaten. This rule is clear to all. Winners enjoys the show, while losers be eliminated Thus, to survive in this society, one needs to conquer the world...