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Duel Magic by DragonsFairy
Duel Magicby Miss Fighter
(Yami Yugi/AtemXOC and YugiXOC Love Story) ( Under editing) (Female OC) In an orphanage in America, there lives three siblings. one is a sixteen year old girl who has wo...
A Trip Through My Favorite Cartoon {Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0 Fanfic} by My_Pharaohs_Keeper
A Trip Through My Favorite Cartoon...by MPK-chan
(THE SEQUEL IS UP AND ONGOING GUYS!) Corrine Casterwill goes through the most exciting adventure of her life when she is pulled away from her life in the real world an...
Remember Our Past by AgentShadow15
Remember Our Pastby Shadow Writer
During the events at Duelist Kingdom, Yugi and his friends wonder about two American girls that are present. Why do the girls look and feel familiar to Yami and Seto? Wh...
The heart of the Duelist by Reymon_demon_king
The heart of the Duelistby Reymon
in this story Izuku is cheated on by his girlfriend uraraka and framed for stealing U.A. files and sent to tartarus Izuku gets a weird and odd dream of two men one man...
Is This Real? Priest Seto X Reader X Seto Kaiba by WritingSomeBS
Is This Real? Priest Seto X Reader...by Is typing...
Fantasy or reality? Something you've never had to try hard to decipher. Well, doing that feels almost impossible now, having one foot in Ancient Egypt with a cold-hearte...
Yugioh Boyfriend Scenarios (Requests are closed) by Nekogamez
Yugioh Boyfriend Scenarios (Reques...by NekoGamez
My second Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction and my third book! Enjoy! I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh or anything else besides my story ideas, obviously. (Yeah, hi, this is the author. I haven't...
Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Minutes In Heaven (Various X Reader) by WritingSomeBS
Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Minutes In Heaven (Var...by Is typing...
You are invited to your best friend Mai's birthday party, then they want to play 7 minutes in heaven. Who will you get? Also added ZEXAL too! {Discontinued} Maybe R14? R...
Forgotten Love, Resurrected by SteinShipping61
Forgotten Love, Resurrectedby SteinShipping61
Joey Wheeler and Seto Kaiba have been dating for a year. Kaiba only started dating him because he thought it would make him more popular. But Kaiba has been cheating on...
What it Means to Regret (A Yu-Gi-Oh! Yaoi Fanfiction) by LandofFandoms
What it Means to Regret (A Yu-Gi-O...by Wander The Land
Yugi's soul was taken when he was born,or..at least that's what he's been told. Now he meets a mysterious stranger who claims that they are soulmates! (Disclaimer: I don...
Breaking Point  by Chell83
Breaking Point by Michèle
The taping of Yu Gi Oh Bonds Beyond Time Abridged Version is almost done but with all the bashing Jaden Yuki has to endure he wonders if it's all worth it.
Yu-Gi-Oh Oneshots (Mostly Rivalshipping) by A_Shy_American
Yu-Gi-Oh Oneshots (Mostly Rivalshi...by Shy
Don't ask about the cover I don't know Uh... So I keep writing Yugioh oneshots, I have a bunch done. They sit there in my notes and I want to show them off. Some of them...
ᴛʜᴇ ꜱɪʟᴇɴᴛ ᴅᴜᴇʟɪꜱᴛ  (Yu-Gi-Oh Season 1 Fanfic) by jaxboyy1406
ᴛʜᴇ ꜱɪʟᴇɴᴛ ᴅᴜᴇʟɪꜱᴛ (Yu-Gi-Oh Seas...by ♡Jack-Lyn♡
You were being kicked out your biological fathers mansion while is raining in the night. You were only six years old but then a man named Maximillian Pegasus has found y...
Given Up Hope by camteen17
Given Up Hopeby camteen17
Yugi is being left behind by everyone he knew. When he does something about it, things only get worse. Yugi thinks he has no where to turn and feels trapped. But will so...
My Adorable Yami by camteen17
My Adorable Yamiby camteen17
Takes place after My Little Hikari, Yugi and Yami have moved in together. They are still happily together, but what will happen when a face comes back from the past? Wil...
YGO: Bonds Through Time: Deeper Into The Future by _-Zarc-_-Supreme-_
YGO: Bonds Through Time: Deeper In...by Zarc - Supreme King
The age as come upon the legacies of dueling to band together once again. Paradox is back, but stronger then ever before and with new skills at his disposal. But our due...
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MY HIKARI (Yaoi) (Boy X Boy) by MichelleKChapman
MY HIKARI (Yaoi) (Boy X Boy)by Michelle Chapman
My Hikari is a YAOI (boy X boy) Yugioh fanfic. Yami X Yugi, Bakura X Ryou, Marik x Malik, Heba x Atemu and Seto X Joey. This about how each Yami (DARK) love their Hika...
Take It All The Way by Aqua_Scarlet
Take It All The Wayby Aqua Prime
Kami Moto is coming to Duel Academy. Or at least, she's coming unannounced and hidden. All Kami's life, she's been named the Princess of Games, never loosing one match o...
Into the light by armin_armout3
Into the lightby 💛Lil Lex 🦡
The boy peeked around the corner. They were coming to kill him. A hand reached out and snatched him back, holding his hand over the other little boy's mouth. The killers...
Yu-Gi-Oh! Daycare~ (boyxboy) by StunningAmethystEyes
Yu-Gi-Oh! Daycare~ (boyxboy)by Amethyst-Chan
Just a little something me and a very special friend of mine decided to make together~ Everyone but Yami and Yugi are children, Yami and Yugi are the adults looking afte...
Duel Academy  by Nik_Dean
Duel Academy by NikTheAnime_and_YaoiLover
This is an au where the yugioh kids all attend one school one time one dimension. This will be a typical high school setting. will still have duels and a few duel center...