Say it (AmazingPhil x Reader) by noonpad
Say it (AmazingPhil x Reader)by noonpad
A new boy moves to your village. You become great friends with him, but will you become more than just friends? Drama is happening at school, at home and, well, everywhe...
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  • romance
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The Beautiful Secret  ( Vanoss x Reader) by ayeitsyaboi
The Beautiful Secret ( Vanoss x ayeitsyaboi
Cover creds to Gomen on Tumblr :) Hi everyone! It's PrettyCoolPizza here, or as some know me Alex! Jk, this isn't a YouTube video it's WattPad duh!! Anyways, A...
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Wonder // Daddy! d.h by deadambitions
Wonder // Daddy! d.hby 🌸 Lari 🌸
Y/N Y/L/N had previously been in a five-year relationship with Dan Howell, who is commonly known for his shared radio show and YouTube channel, "danisnotonfire"...
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CRY X READER: HELLO! by maydolf
You're (Y/N). You used to live in Florida and had a best friend, who preferred to be called as Cry. You were moving away to California. 2 or 3 years later your mother pa...
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Sweet Juices (Phanfiction) by destroyinginnocence
Sweet Juices (Phanfiction)by Luna
The liquid, rushing in willingly, dulling my ever present hunger. Never truly satisfied, lingering on the outskirts of my mind ready to pounce at the easiest option. Dig...
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Stars on our Dawn (Crankgameplays x Reader) by FallingAside
Stars on our Dawn ( FallingAside
Hi, this is gonna be my first story so i hope you enjoy it! There's gonna be a few chapters with smut in it so yeah Key: Y/n: Your name H/c: Hair colour E/c: Eye colour ...
  • goals
  • nsfw
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Antiseptic by kindaGayTM
Antisepticby turtle birb
I love the YouTuber dark side things.. so I bring you Antiseptic. I may add some extra aspects to the characters?? Just some stuff I feel like fits them.
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Coachella love (a Martin Garrix Fanfiction) [Completed] by SimLoverie
Coachella love (a Martin Garrix UnicornsAreReal
Zoë is an 18 year old girl who lives in London. However Zoë is Belgian. She moved to London because of her parents. Since the day she became 18 she moved out. She runs...
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"When's The Last Time You Kissed Someone?" by Sunbleachedrose
"When's The Last Time You Kissed Hannah Liddell
You and Chris Kendall have been friends for ages when a simple question springs you into a Friends With Benefits relationship. Who knew a Youtube video could cause so mu...
  • fantasticfoursome
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Giddy 5 Year Olds(crankgameplaysxreader) by ViralButNotReally
Giddy 5 Year Olds( Viral ButNotReally
Well,whatever you would expect from a non-smut (as you people call it) xreader book with our Lil cranky blue boi(sadly not anymore )
  • amyplier
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Chronicles of Markiplier: the Battle for Chica by Ben10thejoker
Chronicles of Markiplier: the Benjamin C. McBrayer
In a world where YouTubers are heroic figures who use their channels to protect their viewers by bringing them joy and fighting their demons, Markiplier is the best. But...
  • marksfriends
  • adventure
  • action
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Prom Matches~A Grayson Dolan Fanfic~ by ethangrayson1766
Prom Matches~A Grayson Dolan __CloudyDolan
  • fanfiction
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  • dolantwinsfanfic
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Jack and Finn Harries Imagines by SarahLermanRobinson
Jack and Finn Harries Imaginesby Sarah Robinson
Enjoy your favorite cheeky twins in imagines you can't resist to read.
  • youtuberfanfiction
  • youtuberfanfic
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IannaCanFly Fanfuction by Doyle_Eliza
IannaCanFly Fanfuctionby Old Man Jenkins
My fanfic about IannaCanFly. It's really good. You should read it.
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Bookshop Encounters (Chris Kendall/Crabstickz) Bk 1: FF Series by mediagirl94
Bookshop Encounters (Chris Beth Robinson
Book 1 in the Fantastic Foursome Series *COMPLETED* When Rachel went to work, she expected another dull day of stacking books and playing Candy Crush. She could never dr...
  • amazingphil
  • danhowell
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Coffee {A TBNRfrags/ Prestonplayz fanfic} by _pooflessisbae_
Coffee {A TBNRfrags/ _pooflessisbae_
Twenty two year old Riley Stevens was always alone. Well, yeah she had friends, but never a lover. Well, scratch that. She's had only one serious relationship and it end...
  • youtuberfanfic
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Hannie: A Romeo and Juliet Thing by crustyflower
Hannie: A Romeo and Juliet Thingby Cactuswallflower
Annie Leblanc (13) and Hayden Summerall (13) find themselves trapped by society's rules and they try to find ways to be with each other without being found out by everyo...
  • haydensummerall
  • annieleblanc
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Save me from drama (trilogy following save me from revenge) (Joe Sugg fanfic) by molls2811
Save me from drama (trilogy Molly ❤️🦄🦋🦁
Not many people, in fact nearly no one, has the privilege of calling Joe Sugg their father, Zoella and pointless blog their uncle and aunt, having an Instagram account w...
  • youtube
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~Switched Gears~ (A Crankgameplays x Reader Sequel) by FantasyL46zSTUD10Z
~Switched Gears~ (A FantasyL46zSTUD10Z
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  • markiplier
  • youtuberxreader
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Showjumping from hell (Miniminter Fanfic) by happierminter
Showjumping from hell ( Jodie
Jodie&Simon have been dating for almost 2 years. Simon loves going to all of Jodie's horse shows and loves to see her compete. This show isn't like any other everything...
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