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Wonder // Daddy! d.h by deadambitions
Wonder // Daddy! d.hby 🌸 Lari 🌸
Y/N Y/L/N had previously been in a five-year relationship with Dan Howell, who is commonly known for his shared radio show and YouTube channel, "danisnotonfire"...
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Say it (AmazingPhil x Reader) by noonpad
Say it (AmazingPhil x Reader)by noonpad
A new boy moves to your village. You become great friends with him, but will you become more than just friends? Drama is happening at school, at home and, well, everywhe...
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Dan Howell Imagines / Oneshots by madladsey
Dan Howell Imagines / Oneshotsby ☽ mj
for all my lonely dannies out there ♡ I'll be uploading almost every day, or according to my schedule. A few fanfics are...
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Stuck In The Asylum. (Septiceyes X Ipliers X reader) by The_Wannabe_Director
Stuck In The Asylum. (Septiceyes Aria’s crumpets
Y/N works at the asylum and she was then transferred to another, and another, and another. Y/N got annoyed from switching so many times. She finally found an asylum that...
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CrankGameplays Imagines by sylelaine
CrankGameplays Imaginesby syl
hii so here's a book full of Ethan Nestor, or Crankgameplays imagines!! i hope you like them ^-^ but anyways, yeah! byeeee! p.s. i didn't draw the fan art for the cover...
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The Beautiful Secret  ( Vanoss x Reader) by ayeitsyaboi
The Beautiful Secret ( Vanoss x ayeitsyaboi
Cover creds to Gomen on Tumblr :) Hi everyone! It's PrettyCoolPizza here, or as some know me Alex! Jk, this isn't a YouTube video it's WattPad duh!! Anyways, A...
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CRY X READER: HELLO! by maydolf
You're (Y/N). You used to live in Florida and had a best friend, who preferred to be called as Cry. You were moving away to California. 2 or 3 years later your mother pa...
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Coachella love - Martin Garrix [Completed] by SimLoverie
Coachella love - Martin Garrix [ UnicornsAreReal
Zoë is an 18 year old girl who lives in London. However Zoë is Belgian. She moved to London because of her parents. Since the day she became 18 she moved out. She runs...
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Simple (Miniminter FF) Reader x Simon by Miniminterfandom
Simple (Miniminter FF) Reader x Yaz
A simple reader x miniminter fanfiction. Reader and Simon go through a bunch of cute and adorable events together, (not a lot of major drama). Tried to make it as real...
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"When's The Last Time You Kissed Someone?" by Sunbleachedrose
"When's The Last Time You Kissed Hannah Liddell
You and Chris Kendall have been friends for ages when a simple question springs you into a Friends With Benefits relationship. Who knew a Youtube video could cause so mu...
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Showjumping from hell (Miniminter Fanfic) by happierminter
Showjumping from hell ( Jodie
Jodie&Simon have been dating for almost 2 years. Simon loves going to all of Jodie's horse shows and loves to see her compete. This show isn't like any other everything...
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The Deathly Wood: The Pals Fanfiction by ThePalsFanatic
The Deathly Wood: The Pals ThePalsFanatic
[FINISHED] In this story, The Pals (and Ethan) take a trip to the abandoned woods of Massachusetts to camp. Little do they know the dangers of it. Will they make it out...
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Jack and Finn Harries Imagines by SarahLermanRobinson
Jack and Finn Harries Imaginesby Sarah Robinson
Enjoy your favorite cheeky twins in imagines you can't resist to read.
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be mine [janiel] by laceylrh
be mine [janiel]by ali ♡
"Yeah, you found someone else. But you should be with me, instead." In which Daniel Christopher calls Joey Graceffa drunk, wanting him to be his again like old...
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bad cop & a good cop ; ksimon by kindagoldilocks
bad cop & a good cop ; ksimonby kindagoldilocks
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Kill Me Softly ✘ One-shot Book by starryeyedmef
Kill Me Softly ✘ One-shot Bookby Val ✿
A collection of sweet, angsty, emotional, shallow, and kinda cliché one-shots. I write primarily about Youtubers. Hoping to keep a solid balance of gay crack ships and c...
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okay. fine. || david dobrik fanfiction ♡ by annacutiexo
okay. fine. || david dobrik anna 💞
disclaimer; lowercase is intended :) ~ this is a fan fiction about the youtuber david dobrik - david and liza will not be a couple in this book, sorry!
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My Complete Opposite // d.h by deadambitions
My Complete Opposite // d.hby 🌸 Lari 🌸
Between being an internet sensation, an inspiration to many and on top of that a Meme Lord or the Internet Cult Leader, Dan Howell's life is anything but ordinary, being...
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A Pat And Jen Fanfiction  by IntenseShipper
A Pat And Jen Fanfiction by KBP
As in the story title....Opposites Attract. Also all the art belongs to other people.
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~Switched Gears~ (A Crankgameplays x Reader Sequel) by FantasyL46zSTUD10Z
~Switched Gears~ (A FantasyL46zSTUD10Z
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