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 .•POURING RAIN•. - Matthew Sturniolo 💫 by LavenderLvr
.•POURING RAIN•. - Matthew Lavender <3
❝ You were always perfect to me mallekai, even in the pouring rain.. ❞ -----.•💫•.----- IN WHICH Mallekai Rosewood and Matthew Sturniolo were best friends until Grade 6...
Say it (AmazingPhil x Reader) by noonpad
Say it (AmazingPhil x Reader)by noonpad
A new boy moves to your village. You become great friends with him, but will you become more than just friends? Drama is happening at school, at home and, well, everywhe...
(DeliriousxReader) Not Like The Others by Ameliaress
(DeliriousxReader) Not Like The Amelia
I moved to the small town of Chillicothe, Ohio. It was an odd town, and it was difficult to adjust. I enrolled into Pike River High, where I met some unique people. Thou...
best friends | e.d. ✔️ by sometimesdols
best friends | e.d. ✔️by ‏ً
"just tell him how you feel." "i can't." "why not?" "because. he's my 𝐛𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝."
6 Krew Member (ItsDraconitdragon X reader) ItsFunneh by Touko_simpa11037
6 Krew Member (ItsDraconitdragon 💌Touko_Simpa✂️
this is my first actual story I'm check out the Gacha version on my YouTube channel Karma's_Idiot_Stawberry And that's my OCS (not out yet)
(VanossxReader) YouTube Battle °Complete° by Ameliaress
(VanossxReader) YouTube Battle ° Amelia
You have a tiresome job, and a boring life pretty much. Every day is the same routine: wake up, work, go home, eat, sleep, and the cycle continues the next day. The only...
The Beautiful Secret  ( Vanoss x Reader) by ayeitsyaboi
The Beautiful Secret ( Vanoss x ayeitsyaboi
Cover creds to Gomen on Tumblr :) Hi everyone! It's PrettyCoolPizza here, or as some know me Alex! Jk, this isn't a YouTube video it's WattPad duh!! Anyways, A...
memories | e.d.  by sometimesdols
memories | e.d. by ‏ً
"but, at least i have the 𝐦𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬."
Secret Love Affair (Matt Espinosa Fanfiction) by sailfaraway
Secret Love Affair (Matt sailfaraway
When Jen gets introduced to Matt through her best friend Cameron, sparks fly but Jen is tied down in a serious relationship. Jen is risking her serious relationship with...
she's broken | g.d.  by sometimesdols
she's broken | g.d. by ‏ً
alaina johnson and grayson dolan. two people with two completely different lives. what happens when they cross paths at the diner alaina works at?
Maybe it's time by Lauren-writes
Maybe it's timeby Lauren-writes
Dan and Phil have been best friends for years, they do everything together and love living together. They suddenly realise that they both like each other but they don't...
Stay Strong (Johnnie Guilbert fanfic) by SpectralMist
Stay Strong (Johnnie Guilbert SpectralMist
Johnnie is the the new kid in town and Sam wants to become friends with him... what will happen? who gets mad? wrong crowd? mean kids? read to find out c':
imagine | dolan twins  by sometimesdols
imagine | dolan twins by ‏ً
where i write scenarios about the loml's (each imagine is based off of a song but some are random <3)
Coachella love - Martin Garrix [Completed] by SimLoverie
Coachella love - Martin Garrix [ UnicornsAreReal
Zoë is an 18 year old girl who lives in London. However Zoë is Belgian. She moved to London because of her parents. Since the day she became 18 she moved out. She runs...
Him and Him - A Connor Franta Fanfiction by CaylenGurlii
Him and Him - A Connor Franta Andrea 💎❤️💕
When Connor meets an amazing guy at a gay bar, his life changes for the better. With conflicts, love, and surprises, Connor and his soulmate survive life one step at a t...
Forbidden love by TheBoysVrFan
Forbidden loveby THEBOYSVRFANNN
(yes another one) Josh and Mully are forbidden to love eachother. Not only do they have extrememly homophobic parents but their two families are basically enemies. (Basi...
Sketch Fanfiction by rammarammy
Sketch Fanfictionby rammarammy
( cover not mine it's sketch ) Anna is so excited to be Sketch's new friend and maybe more but what she doesn't know is that his twin brother Bandi is jealous and wants...
KRii7Y Oneshots by mxdeofglxss
KRii7Y Oneshotsby Lia
Just a collection of KRii7Y oneshots. Each chapter is based off of a different song. Requests are open, but I DO NOT WRITE SMUT. I also make edits of John and SMii7Y (al...
Love at first sight (Gaege Gibson X Reader) (female) (Smut) by ceceidkk
Love at first sight (Gaege ceceidkk
Your name is Cece your friends with Gabby your hanging out at her house Gabbys husband Eddie comes home with his friend Gaege to make a video. When you meet Gaege you fa...
Bookshop Encounters (Chris Kendall/Crabstickz) Bk 1: FF Series by mediagirl94
Bookshop Encounters (Chris Beth Robinson
Book 1 in the Fantastic Foursome Series *COMPLETED* When Rachel went to work, she expected another dull day of stacking books and playing Candy Crush. She could never dr...