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Okayano Pictures by _assthethicc
Okayano Picturesby moved
Yeah. There is really no description for this. All art goes to the rightful owners. Might be some smut here and there. Mmmmm I get most of these from DevaintArt lmao Cov...
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Yandere Simulator x Reader Oneshots -REQUESTS CLOSED- by alteroony
Yandere Simulator x Reader Oneshot...by call me a
ohohoh look who's back >:3cc i finally decided to write this book, since i adore this game and wanted to contribute to it somehow :) i won't write genderbent characte...
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~Don't Worry, I'll Keep You Safe: Budo Masuta X Reader~ by QueenOfNekoWriters
~Don't Worry, I'll Keep You Safe:...by DaydreamingNeko
Hello! This is my first Yandere Simulator story. I hope you like it. I've worked on this very hard, so, please don't be mean/harsh in the comments. Here's a mini descri...
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Yandere Simulator One-Shots by thatCutesyPie
Yandere Simulator One-Shotsby ahopelessfangirl
REQUESTS ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED! This One shots book will have YanSim Character x YanSim Character and YanSim Character x Reader. -- Please give me with a brief idea you...
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Yandere Simulator One-shots by the_musical_writer
Yandere Simulator One-shotsby i write but it's shit
As the title says, this book contains one-shots with the characters from the game that is still in development, Yandere Simulator. I have been a fan of the game for quit...
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Trapped || Male Rivals X Reader by KatieJung_
Trapped || Male Rivals X Readerby 07194
There's a new girl in town and her name is Y/n L/n. A transfer student from England along with her sister Melody. Watch as she meets 10 different boys with unique person...
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Yan-Chan and the 10 Male Rivals by PeaceDragon22
Yan-Chan and the 10 Male Rivalsby >_<
I'm sure anyone who saw Yandere-devs April Fools video was just as ticked as I was knowing that these guys wouldn't be incorporated in Yandere Simulator. Not to fear. I...
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Emotional Genderbent? - (A Yandere-chan X Male!Rivals Fanfic) by ObsidianButterfly266
Emotional Genderbent? - (A Yandere...by ObsidianButterfly
I can't feel anything. For as long as I can remember, I've never been able to feel emotions. I pretend to be normal when I'm around other people, but on the inside, I f...
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Yandere Simulator Oneshots by Nyaoritzu
Yandere Simulator Oneshotsby Nyao
(Discontinued)! Oneshot about hot rivals and handsome genderbents
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Yandere-Chan x Senpai by Creativeguy1
Yandere-Chan x Senpaiby Nickka
Yandere-Chan is up to no good again. She's killed Osana, Senpai's friend and her rival. When Sempai found out that Osana had a crush on him and other girls crush on him...
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If I Can't Have Senpai (Under Revision) by DollySonikku
If I Can't Have Senpai (Under Revi...by DollySonikku
If I can't have Senpai, then I'll have you until you can't bare the thought of ever leaving me.
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(Requests OPENED) Yandere Simulator X Reader Oneshots by Yuunaxox
(Requests OPENED) Yandere Simulato...by ψuuηα
Requests are OPENED ((Highest Rank #1 in Senpai)) Requesting rules are in the book Credit To The Owners Of The Photos That Are Used For The Book // amazing cover by: @fu...
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yandere simulator x reader » oneshots by leejangarredondo
yandere simulator x reader » onesh...by lun
• yandere sim x reader oneshots! • REQUESTS OPEN • please vote if you liked a oneshot! ^_^ • share this trash to your friends, i would appreciate it. !!! If I close the...
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Gimme Love! | Male Rivals x Yandere-kun by IoukoMiku
Gimme Love! | Male Rivals x Yander...by officially maris
A collection of short one shot of rivals with one Ayato Aishi! Ayato only wished for Senpai to notice him. It was almost impossible, but wait- why were the ten men who s...
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Yandere Kun x Reader - New Love by xsimrdehmxlkx
Yandere Kun x Reader - New Loveby xsimrdehmxlkx
(Y/n) (L/n) has a tough life at home, feeling neglected by family and being mentally put down by their words. Her best friend is Taeko Yamada, the most popular girl in s...
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Ms.Troublemaker and the Hero (Budo Masuta X Reader) by Lady_midnight_writer
Ms.Troublemaker and the Hero (Budo...by Yu can go HIATUS
Update:Story is completed! Sequel is out! Title of it is "Dealing with a Delinquent" (Name), someone who was feared by almost everyone in school due to some pa...
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You're Mine~| Yandere!Darkiplier x Reader by thatCutesyPie
You're Mine~| Yandere!Darkiplier x...by ahopelessfangirl
He wants her. He won't let anyone take her away from him. He won't stop unless he get what he wants. He needs her just as much as she needs him. Nothing on this earth me...
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Yandere Simulator Oneshots by AbbyLikesToWrite
Yandere Simulator Oneshotsby 『Catwoman Kinnie』
Requests are being taken! And this book includes only fluff. And characters include: -All original characters -Male Rivals
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Kissed By The Leader of Delinquents by Monnuewuu
Kissed By The Leader of Delinquentsby Mystery name chan
OsoroxAyano Fanfic.
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"I don't care if your a yandere" Ayano x female reader *Discontinued* by Max_Black808
"I don't care if your a yandere" A...by Maxine Black
Y/n was a new student at Akademi high school. Y/n is greeted by a girl named kokona. Y/n is in the same class as the all so popular taro yamda and becomes friends. what...
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