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Red in my Ledger by amiwastingmytime
Red in my Ledgerby marvel_write
Y/n was taken at 10 weeks old, and grew up at the Red Room. At age 7, you took your first shot, then by age 10, you had killed 100 people. You were the worlds best assas...
We'll always have the moon. by loyalstanss
We'll always have the Loyalstanss
A story on marvel's Natasha Romanoff and Bucky Barnes.
spiderson oneshots by lovernumber999
spiderson oneshotsby Mare
Basically people finding out about Peter being Spider-man or the Avengers child. Also please dont judge english isn't my first language. I do not own these characters...
Not a Monster After All  by marvel_104
Not a Monster After All by Idk.I.write.books
While in The Red Room Natasha was sterilized. But happens when she already has had a baby. A secret project that The Red Room and Hydra knew about. Where Natasha was for...
Untangling a Memory by abbystender
Untangling a Memoryby abbystender
Bucky Barnes is finally starting to get back bits of his past with the help of Shuri, but it is jumbled and unclear. As he attempts to sort them, he struggles to put the...
REVIVAL GAME ▹ parker by illisius
REVIVAL GAME ▹ parkerby 𝐀.
❝ this is a complicated web, and we're tangled in it. if it's the last thing i'll do on earth . . . i'll make it something good. ❞ - n.r. COVERS SPIDER-MAN : FAR FROM HO...
Deadly Blood COMPLETE ✔︎ by Elilha
Deadly Blood COMPLETE ✔︎by Elilha
You've grow up in the Red Room and we're trained to be the worlds most deadly assassin and are push passed the breaking point because after all you are your mothers daug...
My Baby Spider by ThatOneGirl346
My Baby Spiderby ThatOneGirl346
At the young age of 15 Natasha Romanoff, the best student in the Red Room, was impregnated. The goal, create a new breed of super soldier. They thought that by mixing a...
Love's New Hope by rebellionmaster
Love's New Hopeby rebellionmaster
They'd been trying to find each other for years, dealing with the grief of knowing they could never be together. But now, they are. The heartache eases as Natasha and Bu...
What Did You Think Would Happen? by taralkariel
What Did You Think Would Happen?by taralkariel
Natalia Romanova was one of 28 Black Widows in the Red Room, trained by the Winter Soldier. After graduating, Natalia was sent on a few missions with him, leading them...
incorrect || marvel social media by vxlkryie
incorrect || marvel social mediaby 𝐬𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐫
"i thought we were hero's, not a bunch of social media influencers." ↳ clint barton, 2019 @ the avengers the contents of this book is what i believe would b...
A child from the red room by Mitchellxxc
A child from the red roomby Mitchellxxc
What if the red room and hyrda started together on a project to create the perfect wepon. Where the best soldiers from both organsisations were to have a child together...
they say beauty is not everything by natrealwife
they say beauty is not everythingby ↬𝕸𝖎𝖘𝖆↫
winterwidow headcanon ⚠️tw: anorexia, self-harm⚠️
The Hero In All | marvel x h.p. by PuaMakamae
The Hero In All | marvel x ‘𝕦𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕚 𝕝𝕒𝕟𝕚
Before having Harry and Haven, and before James and Lily married, James was in love with a Slytherin named Natalie Rushman, a girl part of the Marauders. But that change...
HER ALPHA by Desi_Chhori
HER ALPHAby Desi_Chhori
A WINTERWIDOW FANFICTION James Barnes was an alpha waiting for his Omega. It also didn't help that her scent called out the other side of him. CHARACTERS BELONG TO MAR...
Winterwidow smut by natshotdeadcorspe
Winterwidow smutby 👹 SCARS MINE 👹
The title people! I do not own any of the characters in this story. ⚠️mature warning!⚠️ Cover page is mine!
BuckyNat/WinterWidow One-Shots by MG_writing2703
BuckyNat/WinterWidow One-Shotsby Madi
One-shots that I've come up with and written when I'm bored or get tired of posting on my other stories. I construct them myself, no stolen content from other websites...
Buckynat Oneshots by red-romanoff84
Buckynat Oneshotsby red-romanoff84
Happy ones, sad ones, and every other emotion in between. Art work from Pinterest Characters - marvel
Winter's Widow by anonymous00022
Winter's Widowby anonymous
An AU where Civil War never happens, and people are friendly with each other. This is just Winterwidow fluff and smuff. Lot's of angst, but mostly fluff. Red room refere...