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A Deadly Trip (Now Available on Amazon!) (Unedited Version) by Jae-Jae
A Deadly Trip (Now Available on Jae-Jae
NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON! Please note this version on Wattpad is unedited. SEQUEL TO "The Subway" After the subway inciden...
The Dream Vacation by r2yney
The Dream Vacationby Rayney
COMPLETE: Layla's a hardworking teacher to class full of rowdy 3rd graders. When she spends $100 to enter a drawing for an all-expense-paid trip to Fiji, her co-worker...
Joshisnotgreen (Horror)  by hullokitty
Joshisnotgreen (Horror) by hullokitty
Josh and Nick spend a week in Hawaii together. Nick has a nightmare and runs to Josh in the middle of the night and found out unthinkable things about Josh.
Road Trip Disaster by Loveeyadevi
Road Trip Disasterby Loveeyadevi
After months of planning 16 year old Rebecca and her 21 year old boyfriend Steven are extremely excited to go on their road trip from Pennsylvania to Alambama. They eve...
Lost by 21512luna
Lostby luna meinema
Elena, Ashley, Jasmine and Megan are going to the cabbin of Megan's parents to spent a week of they're summer vacation there. The girls have had weird experiences before...
Road To The Foreigns by 7779JumpNow
Road To The Foreignsby 7779JumpNow
Young Atlas Caruso is rushed to a hospital outside the limit of society after a traumatic plane crash. After catching a glimpse of his new world, Atlas is tempted to exp...
Stranded Somewhere by Fuenshi
Stranded Somewhereby Michelle Michaels
Summer vacation is nearing its end and school is about to begin but before going back to their hustle and hectic school life, a group of friends agreed to a one last out...
The Dinosaurs work for the Bourgeoisie  by Remyhehe
The Dinosaurs work for the Remyhehe
When a heavy storm disturbs their family vacation, a teenage girl, her little brother and their uncle seek shelter in the halls of a crazy Conspiracy Theorist Convention...
WHERE ARE WE?  by zyinxxx
WHERE ARE WE? by wala ako maisip
After a long semester for College students Stella and her friends, Decided to have a vacation, but they didn't expect to be stranded in a place far away from what they t...
Graveyard Of Gore by Pineapple-YumYum
Graveyard Of Goreby Pineapple-YumYum
Emily Shunts isn't an ordinary 15 year old girl. She can read minds, see ghosts, and talk to ghosts. Her best friend, Alexa, is the only friend of Emily that Emily has t...
Act Quickly by LovelyLynx101
Act Quicklyby hey brother
Katrina Deleon is 17 and on the vacation of a life time. She's in beautiful, Japan. What Katrina doesn't know is that a life or death situation will come her way. Will s...