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New Family by reimagine07
New Familyby reimagine07
Melissa Bishop is a 13 years old girl who lives in an orphanage with her 5 years old brother. Find out what happens when she cames back from a school trip one day to f...
Madison's Journey by Rose__potter
Madison's Journeyby Rose__potter
Madison, a kid who grew up in the system, excelled at many sports. Her true love, however, had always been soccer. When Jill Ellis hears about her exceptional talent she...
Push by bubblegum865
Pushby AK
Cameron Santiago has went through ordeals in her life no teenager should go through. With the right people in her life, she will do big things. She loves to push herself...
What A Rush by FangirlKnight
What A Rushby FangirlKnight
Abby Wambach gets hurt in a game and might not be able to continue playing. So Jill brings in a new recruit. Her name is Emily Rush, and all of the girls know her as the...
Chance - USWNT by imperfect82
Chance - USWNTby imperfect82
Nicole Lewis has been in the foster care system for as long as she can remember. Now at the age of fifteen, she gets the chance to compete to be apart of USWNT.
You're too good (USWNT) by Slimertown
You're too good (USWNT)by teagan
Cora Costa is a 13 year old girl who plays for the USWNT U16. Yes, she plays with people that are two years older than her. What happens when the USWNT trains with Cora'...
Secrets by cs1423
Secretsby care (she/they)
Cathryn "Ryn" Johnson was left at a hospital at three days old and has lived in foster care ever since. She's lived in 9 different foster homes in the past 8 y...
Her Knight by soccerlover35
Her Knightby Kate
Hayley knight had a love for soccer, it was what she lived and breathed. As a young teen, she dreamed of playing for the USA but after an accident, she didn't think she...
Madison St Germain is 16 yo, she lives in Paris in a foster care. She never had a real family. She play football and she doesn't no yet that her life is going to change...
Guessing Game by superstar-striker
Guessing Gameby Griffin
Jessie has always been an observer. She likes knowing and understanding how things work. The shy introvert always seemed to be watching. She was ambitious and curious an...
Last Ride  by Justagirl1723
Last Ride by Tiff
My name is Hayley Gray. I'm 21years old. I play soccer and I also do barrel racing and bull riding. I've been playing soccer since I was 6 years old. I mostly play as a...
Life can be Crazy by anaconda47
Life can be Crazyby anaconda47
Leah Morris has a rough life. Her mother, a killer and not imprisoned, doesn't exactly help. After she meets someone, her whole life will turn around. Welcome to 'Life...
Saved By Carli by AMAC45
Saved By Carliby Alex
Sage is 17 and her life has taken a turn for the worse ever since she lost her father. Her mother has become abusive and hasn't let Sage out of the house in five years...
The Inseparable Bonds by chrxsten
The Inseparable Bondsby chrxsten
Christen is a single mother of a deaf son.
It Takes a Village by blaire_11
It Takes a Villageby Blaire
4 year old Blaire finds a new family
Saving The Day  by PatrickStar1000
Saving The Day by PatrickStar1000
Holland Reed is the #1 goalkeeper for USWNT, taking over the role of Hope Solo. Attending her 3rd World cup and possibly winning gold. Playing overseas in a Club. And da...
Secret Sister by uswntXstories
Secret Sisterby uswntXstories
Autumn James, or AJ never knew her family, but she still has one even though she knows it isn't the right one. She's been part of something and through things that no ki...
The New Player  by vanbros
The New Player by vanbros
Vanessa Krome is a 19 year old that was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is currently going to college at UCLA, but there is a big surprise in her near future. She is a for...
the secret game // uswnt by uswnts_fav2021
the secret game // uswntby :)
Raelynn McBride lives an interesting double life, and only 3 people in the whole world know - her best friend, her little sister, and her ex.
You're my captain. (Hailee Steinfeld) by Brogay94
You're my captain. (Hailee B
"With love and patience, nothing is impossible." Parker has been playing professional football for as long as she can remember, it's the only place she feels...