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Block B Facts and Song Lyrics by PrettyPotato_
Block B Facts and Song Lyricsby 유니스
Do u wanna b? Block B!
Block B's Childhood by dwezico
Block B's Childhoodby woo jihoe
velet block b
A New Block B Member by kpopweirdo
A New Block B Memberby 아기 소녀
A girl and her sister who only dreamt to become the newest members of Block B gets a opportunity of a life time but in order to take this opportunity they have to dress...
White Day (taepyo, bxb) by _lotato_
White Day (taepyo, bxb)by Lo
Taeil finds himself in an unfamiliar area, and Jihoon, monkey pajamas and all, lets him in to escape the blizzard. (cross-posted on Archive of Our Own under lo_and_behol...
A Week With Him (B-Bomb Fanfic) by ShianneLovesKpop
A Week With Him (B-Bomb Fanfic)by Shianne
One Lucky girl gets to spend a whole week with a member of Block B. She rents an apartment close to the dorm and enjoy her time, but she realizes what she has been doing...
The Pirate Programme (Block B/ BlockB) by vaho1997
The Pirate Programme (Block B/ Blo...by vaho1997
Block B is trying to become the most fearsome pirates of the seven seas (*Please note the word "trying"). In their attempts to raise their awesomeness they ma...
Brother Fighting by fictionkath
Brother Fightingby fictionkath
One night in 1992 their house got attacked by people who wanted their hands on the Woo family, only half survived. Well that is what they though.
I love you! (Block B Fanfic) by ShianneLovesKpop
I love you! (Block B Fanfic)by Shianne
Sierra's life with the boys change as Sierra feels her life is crumbling underneath her. Parents, Friends, Jealousy. They all Play a card in her Changing life. But which...
On the Sugar Block by ShitsuTobisaki
On the Sugar Blockby ShitsuTobisaki
AU !!! insane, doesn't make a sense at all !!! In the southern part of Seoul the strongest gang grows and of course this can't be done without custom murders. For these...
Block B Song Lyrics by _-_meh
Block B Song Lyricsby meh
Yes and the title says it all. Also the songs will be in no specific order I'm too lazy to put them in any order.
Soeul City by Nsogbu
Soeul Cityby Nsogbu
Based on the Video Kpop Gang Wars by Spy Miss (link m.youtube.com/watch?v=DNESL_xqQnk) In an alternate universe where Kpop groups are gangs the balance is thrown when a...
Her Stalker, His Obsession || Kim Namjoon *Under Editing* by ZodiacQueen21
Her Stalker, His Obsession || Kim...by ZodiacQueen21
Skylar Briggs has been feeling like she's being watched. She knows that she's alone, but why doesn't she feel like she is. Scared, yet skeptical, she let's it go. That...
Riddles by vkprinces
Riddlesby v.k princes
I'm nothing compared to what P.O is. I'm too average for him. But I guess some people like "average."
the babysitter by InfiredRockBreh
the babysitterby INFIRES BRUHH
a story when a average teenage girl gets a job offer to which she believes will easy and will solve her living expenses problems but little did she know the job would be...
HighSchool Blockbuster! by xOppax
HighSchool Blockbuster!by Jhorse
~ Ever wondered what it would be like for your bias of your favorite K-pop group to swoop in and save you from school? Take you on an adventure of theirs? Fall in love w...
Don't Flirt by jwminw
Don't Flirtby jwminw
17 years old half-English and half-Finnish girl called Jamie is ready to see one of her favourite k-pop groups in Helsinki. But what happens in there? I guess you'll fi...
All boys school (Infinite & Block B fanfic) by kpopgirl96
All boys school (Infinite & Block...by kpopgirl96
Hyejin goes undercover as a boy with the alias Kim Hyunbin just so she can meet Infinite. But it's not all she thought it would be like; hiding the fact that she's a gir...
Passion Is Our Fate by dienlgoddess
Passion Is Our Fateby dienlgoddess
The story has three story lines. The plot is centered around Hyuna and Jiyong's relationship and develops together with their feelings. The characteres manage to find th...