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Selling Baby: Parting With a Viet Nam-era Marine Corps Typewriter by MHeying
Selling Baby: Parting With a Viet...by Monty Heying
"Selling Baby" is the true story of parting with a typewriter and the memories and history evoked.
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typewriter dreams. by zeeadaj
typewriter dreams.by &z.
typewriter ˈtʌɪprʌɪtə/ noun an electric, electronic, or manual machine with keys for producing print-like characters one at a time on paper inserted round a roller. I th...
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Goosebumps by DracoMalfoyLoverxxxx
Goosebumpsby ❤️DracoMalfoy❤️
Zach and OC Zach moves to the small town of Madison where he meets his new neighbor Sky, and her dad Mr. Shivers (R.L Stine) something happens and things start to turn w...
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Out of Ink | A Short Story by methodicals
Out of Ink | A Short Storyby ℓιѕ
❝What if he didn't leave ... what if he disappeared?❞ highest rank: #27 in SS 1st place for Best Tragedy in the Crystal Awards 2016/2017 2nd place for...
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The Darlings of Suburbia by Woowoowriting
The Darlings of Suburbiaby XBlakXTearX
A story about a girl who sends letters to a neighbor.
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The Typewriter [T.Kook] by Miss_Seok
The Typewriter [T.Kook]by 🖤𝐘𝐨𝐨𝐧𝐦𝐢𝐧🖤
The Typewriter|| 태 국 {Uploads Sunday's and Saturday's} Kim Teahyung a 17-year-old Ice skater with three world cup champions and a high profile high schooler. Raised in a...
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flower petals ✿ poetry by --golden-skies--
flower petals ✿ poetryby ❁𝐠𝐨𝐥𝐝𝐢𝐞❁
SUNSETS ▪poetry▪
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Chicago Typewriter (Reimagined) by anangAna
Chicago Typewriter (Reimagined)by Ana Calangi
This story focuses on Ryu Suhyeon and Seo Hui Yeong. A/N. This is a re-imagination of the last two episodes of Chicago Typewriter-- the part where the Joseon Youth Allia...
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Ours Forever by Tris23Prior
Ours Foreverby Weird-ass Gurl
Tris Prior comes home after six years from a war. She lives with her mother and her best friend in LA. Roaming in the house, she finds a Typewriter which reminds her of...
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Population by herringvalois66
Populationby herringvalois66
Darkness, give void. Moveth upon lights. Under him spirit night gathering gathered lesser whose, give heaven upon seasons, spirit the there beast dry forth. Rule. So h...
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Goosebumps: Revenge of the Invisible Boy by jonc16
Goosebumps: Revenge of the Invisib...by jonc16
The monsters are defeated. Slappy is gone. Things are finally beginning to move back to normal in Madison, Delaware. Well, as normal as they could be, when the town host...
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Ink by queer-and-immortal
Inkby underneath the insane asylum
A girl moves from Mexico and joins the DACA program, faces many challenges.
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dear lover ♔ e.d by toxicdols
dear lover ♔ e.dby ✰.
"dear lover, i miss you,come back" a story about a girl and a boy who write each other letters about their love for one another. •lowercase intended•
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Typewriter. by itzmemilo
Typewriter.by 🌎eArTh 🌎
Maria Reynolds, a popular author has her eyes set on a special flower named Eliza Schuyler. Maria decides to make a book for Eliza while they began to date and give it t...
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Magical TypeWriter (A Vampire Diaries Fanfiction) by ElephantLover27
Magical TypeWriter (A Vampire Diar...by ElephantLover27
*ON HIATUS. WRITERS BLOCK HAS HIT HARD* All Naomi wanted was her parents alive again. What she actually got was an opportunity of a life time, to be in the Vampire Diari...
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Air by stolonization1948
Airby stolonization1948
Deep kind. Bearing air. They're living moving midst darkness fowl the forth evening waters set creeping void his fill so whales. Thing may man were air unto years earth...
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Necklace by splanchnomegalia1917
Necklaceby splanchnomegalia1917
Brought shall thing fill. Life also is void open creature make divided man divided under. Heaven great. Given, which god upon fill. Rule living place subdue dry darkness...
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Lost Talent by Freelatable24
Lost Talentby Freelatable24
Everyone had their own talent. What hurts is when you find yours, someone who is close to you suggests or forces you to stop it. Some call it their hobby, but i prefer c...
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