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Hilary's Sweet Sixteen Dream: A TyHil Fanfic by AceRaiders500
Hilary's Sweet Sixteen Dream: A Ty...by AceRaiders500
Hilary is celebrating her Sweet Sixteen on a cruise but her and Tyson start getting a little too close.
Peace And Tranquility by Rashid727
Peace And Tranquilityby Yurisien2611
Set 6 years later, Tyson Granger is now the CEO of BBA, With Hilary tachibana as his Secretary cum Best friend cum suffering partner. See a glimpse of Tyson's somewhat c...
Hilary's Love Poem: A TyHil FanFic by AceRaiders500
Hilary's Love Poem: A TyHil FanFicby AceRaiders500
A poem written by Hilary, which is dedicated to Tyson, but will Tyson be able to Love her back?
Like A Shooting Star by Nishatt1234
Like A Shooting Starby Nishatt1234
Tyson screw up big time. Last year was Kai's first real Christmas, thanks to Tyson, after spending a brutal Christmasless childhood in the monastery. Last year, Tyson l...
From Hate To HOT! by Author_Vaishnavi
From Hate To HOT!by Author_Vaishnavi
What happens when a boy joins the bladebreakers and turns out to be a girl and starts melting the Ice King's heart...who is she? What's her past? Will she be able to con...
ℒℴ𝓋ℯ 𝒮𝓉ℴ𝓇𝓎  ᵇᵉʸᵇˡᵃᵈᵉ ᵏᵃⁱ ˣ ᵒᶜ by Queen_of_hell_2008
ℒℴ𝓋ℯ 𝒮𝓉ℴ𝓇𝓎 ᵇᵉʸᵇˡᵃᵈᵉ ᵏᵃⁱ ˣ ᵒᶜby sᴛᴀʀ
Aria Smith, world famous pop star and model Kai Hiwatari, blader and the leader of Blade Breakers. If she's light he's dark Fate brought th...
Beyblade (KaixOc, Tysonxhil, RayxMaria, MaxxMariam, TalaxBryan)  by Ashleyawesome27
Beyblade (KaixOc, Tysonxhil, RayxM...by Anonymous
This is to all the beyblade lovers!!! And I don't ship Kaihil since it'll never happen but Kai and Tala and Ray are my favorite characters in Beyblade
Tyson's Love Letter by AceRaiders500
Tyson's Love Letterby AceRaiders500
Tyson decided to write a love letter to Hilary, showing how much he loves her.
Zodiac Signs: a TyHil one-shot by AceRaiders500
Zodiac Signs: a TyHil one-shotby AceRaiders500
When Ray and Max asks Hilary to read Tyson's horoscope in his absence, Grandpa joins the fun game too. She discovers lot of interesting facts about her boyfriend, but at...
Beyblade 4th World Championship by vaishnavisin
Beyblade 4th World Championshipby BrightWhite
This is the story of 4th world championship . Different teams around the world are participating . But there is a one new rule in the championship that every team must h...
Surprise!: a Beyblade fanfic by AceRaiders500
Surprise!: a Beyblade fanficby AceRaiders500
Happy Birthday Tyson! I don't own Beyblade or any of its characters.
Hilary's Alternative  by VampiricRosia
Hilary's Alternative by MkayVerse
Hilary gets college applications from her school consular and fills them out and sends them in the mail and she is conflicted with telling the boys about it. days and mo...
Hilary's secret blading by VampiricRosia
Hilary's secret bladingby MkayVerse
My second TyHil Fic with some other things mixed into it as well. Hilary decides she wants to learn how to Beyblade but she wants to do it alone without the help of the...
LONG_LOST...[✔] by GlossFics
LONG_LOST...[✔]by Digi Dorky
Our very own lone wolf has a not so lone part of his past... will he really be able to relive his happy self and learn to love ???Read to find out... My first story sooo...
Long Lost Love Will Return by aka_Avana
Long Lost Love Will Returnby Avana
They were best friends in the childhood but will that friendship remain the same after so many years? Or will their relationship will deepen farther? What if he is the r...
I Love You Tyson  by SohaHasib
I Love You Tyson by Author-chan ~ Merliah
A poem written by hilary, dedicating it to Tyson, the love of her life . Tyson doesn't see her more than just a good friend or an annoying brat. But how can Hilary contr...
How Things Changed Forever... by MarinaSJackson
How Things Changed Forever...by MarinaSJackson
In the middle of a stormy night, an abandoned 2-year old girl is left at the doorstep of the Tachibana residence with a note. 14 years from then, Hilary has never tried...
A Heart for a Heart by thenextyouknowwho
A Heart for a Heartby Rory
Tyson wanted to preserve the past. Hillary wanted to justify it and Brooklyn wanted to erase it. In this maze of emotions, the escape had a price. A heart for a heart. T...
Beyblade Season-4 by GreatGod128
Beyblade Season-4by God Killer
This is Bakuten shoot beyblade. Sort of the fourth season in my version. Takes place after G-Revolution. After becoming the three time world champion, Tyson has to once...
Dreams Do Come True: A TyHil Fanfic by AceRaiders500
Dreams Do Come True: A TyHil Fanficby AceRaiders500
Hilary's feeling a lot about Tyson. But what does Tyson feel about her? Find Out.