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Married To StylInson by Slytherin1604
Married To StylInsonby Slytherin1604
•Miss Alizeh Cheryl Pearson you're matched with Harry Edward Styles and Louis William Tomlinson. • You're to be wed by the end of December 31 2019 (which is 3 months la...
Harry Potter✓A Serpent Named Voldemort Book 1*Triad* by True_Slytherin_Heir
Harry Potter✓A Serpent Named Asena Wolf
What if Harry James Potter was actually Kovu Basilisk Riddle Slytherin? And he was raised in abusive environment? If the Boa Constrictor went with him to protect him? An...
Devil from the East by QueenDredd
Devil from the Eastby QueenDredd
🔞⚠️.*.*.*.*.*~ • mature content, not advised if under 18 or are a bit squeamish- descriptive sexual content • ~.*.*.*.*.*.*⚠️🔞 ~🇬🇧~~👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨~☠️~🩸~💋~🛌~🍼~🐉~🎋...
Lightning Serenade by Caelan_94
Lightning Serenadeby Caelan
Kaminari Denki hears two voices singing in his head one day, but everyone seems to think that they are hallucinations because it's rare to have two soulmates. Join Kamin...
Between Burned Bridges by skittersomething
Between Burned Bridgesby Max
Was written in 2016-2019 or so, posted around then, removed and then reposted because I can admit to my mistakes 💕 "Between Burned Bridges, Arson, And My Music, Th...
Triphilia - together forever | one-shots by LittleCarokind
Triphilia - together forever | Caro
Saying goodbye is hard. And I just couldn't bear it. These one-shots will be random moments from the life of our beloved triad. Updates will come whenever I feel like it...
Harry Potter✓Runic: A Madder Matter*Triad*(hiatus) by True_Slytherin_Heir
Harry Potter✓Runic: A Madder Asena Wolf
In a time of need Harry Potter does the one thing that calms him down before being beaten. Draw. He drew satanic symbols across his bedroom...well closet. Frantically dr...
Three Ways to Love  //  [boyxgirlxboy] by xpiinaypiie
Three Ways to Love // [ Aly ♡ [xpiinaypiie]
Caitlynn and Kevin first acquainted two years ago - she was about to be a freshman and he to be a junior back then. They met during Sir Jameson Secondary's special summ...
Unexpected by Caelan_94
Unexpectedby Caelan
Shinsou Hitoshi has been dating TWO loud blondes. He really didn't mean to fall head-over-heals for both of them, but every time he tried to choose, he couldn't. Now it...
triad princess ♡ saida by fairyjendeukie
triad princess ♡ saidaby vivi
dahyun is a high school student who also has another part of life other than being a school girl; she's a gang member. her father is the leader of their triad. sana is...
Hail to the King, baby! (Pagan Min Male Reader x RWBY harem) by Bryce4621
Hail to the King, baby! (Pagan Bryce
A mysterious, well dressed man wakes up in a forest with no memory as to who he is. He is unknown in this world and nobody, not even himself, knows who he is. Little doe...
Dating Game ☆ Bucky x Reader by qu1etwolf
Dating Game ☆ Bucky x Readerby Qu1etWolf 🐺🐾
This is the prequel to Winter's Ghost. No need to read it to understand the main fic but it really is all cute and fluff. This is how the reader and our perpetually grou...
You Are Loved ~ Ryan Clarke by Ashleyyoung1997
You Are Loved ~ Ryan Clarkeby Bisexual ~ Unicorn
Luisa Iglesias, a empath and student at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted while helping her friends fight against Malivore and Malivore monsters, Luis...
The 9 Underworld Bosses I Serve by Tzumimosa
The 9 Underworld Bosses I Serveby Sally.
Twice has long disband and became the new owners of there families businesses, but to tell you the truth is those businesses are involve with the underworld (A MAFIAXTWI...
Homecoming | The Punisher by EndlessImagination
Homecoming | The Punisherby EndlessImagination
(Marvel's The Punisher Fanfiction) The question: to what extent will one go for their family? When news spreads to New York of a source with incriminating evidence to ta...
Marvel's Spider-Man: Lucas Tsang by EnglishIsDumb
Marvel's Spider-Man: Lucas Tsangby ThatOneWriter
Lucas Tsang's parents moved from Hong Kong to Canada, leaving everything behind. All this, so their sons could lead a better life, filled with opportunity and freedom. T...
triangles are the strongest by inactivenotdeadlol
triangles are the strongestby Ymïr Nightshade
{cover art belongs to sadflit on tumblr} He looks down, nauseous with the realization. "I've been in them before." "I know. The sports festival. Those so...
Triad by 1dandan1
Triadby 1dandan1
Sixteen year old twins, Michelle and Miller move with their dad to from Australia to Florida. Starting at a new school two months into their senior year, both are happil...
Imagine... A Short Jared Leto Fanfiction by FirstLove_Stories18
Imagine... A Short Jared Leto Dawson
This is just a small Fan fiction/ Imagine. Hope you enjoy it. I will add on with more short stories/fan fictions/imagines if you'd like. I'm up for ideas just message me...
Wu Assassin fanfiction by ameliasdream2006
Wu Assassin fanfictionby Bone geek
A collection of Wu assassin one shots.