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My Test Subject by triple_salchowskater
My Test Subjectby triple_salchowskater
I woke up in a dark room, no windows. It was just light enough to see what was around me. A large table was next to me with all sorts of scary looking contraptions and t...
  • basement
  • suspense
  • scary
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Catfish by shakeriawright58
Catfishby Adorekeriaa
Read to find out .
  • trader
  • destinyryan
  • 2019
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~YoUng BrAtz~ by prettypetty12
~YoUng BrAtz~by One.only.kai.
Rico and jahseh were childhood friends until he went away to juvi when he comes home will things ever be the same or will it all go down in flames
  • bestfriends
  • trader
  • xxxtentacion
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Love is complicated ON MY BLOCK by stuckontaii
Love is complicated ON MY BLOCKby stuckontaii
Your the new girl your name is solai Wicker the Instagram star. You just moved to freeridge and u met some friends and there enemies. One of the u just can keep your han...
  • fighting
  • prophets
  • oscar
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*GOING TO BE REBOOTED!* Don't Mess With Me - Natepat by Plugnuts
*GOING TO BE REBOOTED!* Don't Plugnuts
Nathan Sharp is the king of the world after his master plan came out to be incredibly successful, but he doesn't have anyone to rule with.. that is until a Trader from a...
  • rylo
  • natepat
  • jacksepticeye
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Elite Dangerous: A Traders Life by Rossilaz58YT
Elite Dangerous: A Traders Lifeby Rossilaz58
In The Year 3302, After Humans Have Succeeded To Colonize Space, There Is A Trader Who Will Travel Hundreds Of Light-Years For Credits, Even If There Is A Risk To It... ...
  • elite
  • dangerous
  • rossilaz58
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In the Woods... (VARIOUS sick
Some Darkwood x Reader for y'all who deserve this shit. FIC IS SLIGHTLY GENDER-NEUTRAL, AND I WILL MAKE X-MALE-READERS IF REQUESTED TO DO SO ❤️❤️❤️ REQUESTS ARE OPEN!! ...
  • doctor
  • xreader
  • wolfman
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He Stays In My Shadow  by Lunastar143
He Stays In My Shadow by Lunastar143
" Come with me ... it's okay your safe now . " ". I can't .." ". Come on ." He says pulling me and caring me ." I can't my sister is...
  • badboy
  • late
  • love
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Deal [A Wicked Fanfiction] by emjen_enla
Deal [A Wicked Fanfiction]by emjen_enla
After the end of The Wizard of Oz and Wicked, Elphaba Thropp meets with a shadowy being known only as "Trader" in an attempt to return her boyfriend, Fiyero, t...
  • witch
  • scarecrow
  • wicked
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The Gifted One by ArleneDiaz4
The Gifted Oneby Arlene Diaz
Josephina lives a normal life. She lives in a peaceful town, she's an honor student at the Roswell High School. Returning back from Christmas break she starts to experie...
  • jealousy
  • romance
  • enemies
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Investasi MIA - FintechFX by MIA-FintechFX
Investasi MIA - FintechFXby MIA-FintechFX
MIA Adalah Sebuah Perusahaan Yang Menjembatani Antara Investor Dengan Trader James Harrison. MIA Yang Membuat Sistem Bagi Hasil Dengan Investor. Dana Modal Akan Sangat A...
  • mia
  • fintechfx
  • harrison
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Now or Never by queensland132
Now or Neverby T and G
Pumpkin and Noodle are spy dogs, but there owners don't know. Bella, Taco's owner, and Elizabeth, Noodle's owner, are neighbors they have a bully at school named Veronic...
  • spy
  • pets
  • tandg
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8 Months Of Craziness by FakeHills
8 Months Of Crazinessby Presley
Different countries, Different girls, Different mindsets.
  • craziness
  • date
  • fuckboy
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Tri-Wing Manikin by dcforeman
Tri-Wing Manikinby Daniel Charles Foreman
Mankind has advanced to the dark silent depths of space, and with it, it has taken the longest standing tradition the human race has to offer. Trade! Were once men trave...
  • trade
  • earth
  • smuggler
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Love is hard and complicated  by Emojis_3
Love is hard and complicated by Emojis_3
This a story based on true events
  • heartbroken
  • confused
  • trader
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The Blood Drawn by OkamiYuuki
The Blood Drawnby OkamiYuuki
What happens when a salesman known as death himself is interested in buying slaves?
  • tattoos
  • death
  • powers
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Dusk City by MariannedePierres
Dusk Cityby Marianne de Pierres
Kate and her friend Sammie go to Dusk City on a hen's night dare. Kate spends a wonderful night dancing with a man called Jaeger. When she returns home though she realiz...
  • trader
  • marianne
  • pierres
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Backstabbers by Tales_OfA_Wallflower
Backstabbersby lanisia
When Christina learns of Diana's betrayal an altercation turns deadly. Kayla and Kim stuggle to find out clues to what happened that night. And when they do all hell bre...
  • meangirl
  • revenge
  • murder
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