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Slenderman Poem by ForeverAlone2062
Slenderman Poemby Milk
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My Secret Friend by That_Windy_Fox
My Secret Friendby John Egbert (Okay not really...
This is just something I kind of tossed together while listening to music. If you're into it, the song was "My Secret Friend" by IAMX. Naturally, they did a mu...
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Motorcycle Lizardman by Lovecraftianbadgers
Motorcycle Lizardmanby Lovecraftianbadgers
For as long as he can remember, Motorcycle Lizardman has been killing the mountain-sized frog-rhinoceros-cerberus-beasts that inhabit his planet. But one day, he notices...
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The words of an un-wanted and neglected child by flowers123456789
The words of an un-wanted and flowers123456789
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Run Away Towards Happier Days by CandyWoman
Run Away Towards Happier Daysby Dovie
chapter 5 is the best to me xP
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Jack: the story of my pillow by NotAllSloths
Jack: the story of my pillowby TRASHIEST TRASH PILE
I have a pillow on my bed. He's not like the other pillows...
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Chained by Nagato
Chainedby Koranteng Joshua Yaw
"Chained" speaks of a heart silenced by an oath of Love.
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Lord Beerus's Rage and Reece's forgotten anniversary! by Reeceofawesomeness
Lord Beerus's Rage and Reece's Reece
Lord Beerus falls in love and marry's an earthling woman but he forgets their one year anniversary. So for two weeks she gives him the silent treatment and doesn't take...
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Dolphin & Bird by Sirgarf
Dolphin & Birdby Sirgarf
A short 'story' aimed at younger children. I hope it will at least inspire my sons imaginations and hopefully others too. my idea was to write something short and colour...
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z o o p h i l i a | n.g. by smashnash
z o o p h i l i a | smashnash
"maya, come here," his voice is deep and demanding. "yes, master?" maya squeaks, crawling on all fours. "you made a mess all over the kitchen...
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♥ How to Make a Man Fall in Love with You ♥ ft. Luhan & Seohyun (SeoHan) by IHeartCLeo
♥ How to Make a Man Fall in Love HunHan
If you've fallen for a man you'd like to feel the same way about you, here are some suggestions to help you encourage his feelings along in the right direction, all with...
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