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broken heart-strings (seer x embalmer, +more ships apparently) by euphoriaisdead
broken heart-strings (seer x FUCK FUCK
The seer doesn't know what that strange feeling in his chest is. It feels like a hunter is approaching, but he's enjoying it. Something must be wrong, right? start date:...
What now? by Dinofanx
What now?by Dinofanx
This is my idea for continuation of Dinotrux. I'll start where "Ty vs. D-Structs" ended. Ty's crew managed to free the crater but D-Structs and D-Stroy are sti...
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Dinotrux one-shot (Requests are Open) by caliba3
Dinotrux one-shot (Requests are Caliba3
I'm just doing this for my Dinotrux fans.
The Great Change by Dinofanx
The Great Changeby Dinofanx
What could've happened if instead of D-Stroy some other T-Trux came rolling into the crater? A female maybe?
no Shuyaku wa Wareware da (Wrwrd) by Velveteen56
no Shuyaku wa Wareware da (Wrwrd)by No~Privileges
Y'know what? I'mma say it, I don't see anyone making these so I might be the first person to make a Wattpad book about this! This is the fandom called Wrwrd, or most not...
Too Hot To Handle IIdentity V AU by D41SUK3
Too Hot To Handle IIdentity V AUby D41SUK3
Doughnut Boys (TONTON IDV) by katsucc
Doughnut Boys (TONTON IDV)by naib hoe
this where i dump all my tonton fics!!! tontons my current otp for the game idv so 😤 and it really saddens me that there isnt much,,fics for them :'0 u know? if youre...
Identity V | yaoi oneshot by TAIIKUN
Identity V | yaoi oneshotby Tahu
Oletus Manor.. a Manor that's filled by gay ships.. especially BL. Oho~ . . . Dev just want a normal survival horror game QwQ but it ain't gonna be normal without canon...
If we weren't trapped in this hell hole↗ by AcrobatMain
If we weren't trapped in this AcrobatMain
Identity v modern au *・↝ Mike Morton is a young college student who struggles to make friends, he's only ever had one trustworthy friend in his life though he hasn't see...
Oletus High by Hey_Rooney
Oletus Highby rooneyy_
[Idv X Highschool AU] [Cover made by Asorede] I am just trying this idea to see whether it works There's gonna be ships around so if you dont support some or any of the...
scars and stitches»» a TonTon angst fanfic by Pokiscotch
scars and stitches»» a TonTon Pokii
Hullabo circus was burned to the ground. With Mr. Morton plotting his revenge on Joker the Clown, and his roomate, Norton Campbell slowly turning into his lover. Will Ca...
Join Me For A Cup Of Coffee (Tonton / Nortmike) by eepymike
Join Me For A Cup Of Coffee ( tu madre
⚠ smut in later chapters warning⚠ (I'll add the smut warning in the beginning of the spicy chapters in case you guys do not want to read those) This story takes place i...
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Identity V Ship Fluff And Other Shenanigans! by BL00DLUST1NGS4TAN1ST
Identity V Ship Fluff And Other *•+grian!!!+•*
Exactly what the title says lol! Oh but also I won't do any hunter x survivor ships because they make me *really* uncomfy because the hunters are already dead and yeah...
Justice League Dinotrux: Multiverse Trouble  by Flashbolt157ninja
Justice League Dinotrux: Flasheart Wolf 157
The Justice League were fighting one of their enemies called Anti-Matter and his Ultra Rogues. They succeeded in stopping him, but a rift breach is left open and the Din...
TonTon Oneshots by Edgars_Wife
TonTon Oneshotsby EdgarsWife
TonTon so true! I've nothing better to do so take these oneshots. Pls I love them sm. There'll also be fluff and smut :)
Geronimo Stilton Dinotrux: Revenge of D-Structs by Flashbolt157ninja
Geronimo Stilton Dinotrux: Flasheart Wolf 157
Geronimo and his family were relaxing in the park when suddenly a breach opened up and the Dinotrux landed in Geronimo's world. Ty and his crew introduced themselves to...
Tonton scraps ✨✨ by princeturnedcowboy
Tonton scraps ✨✨by Norton!
This was written when the sports essence dropped (s12, e3) and yk,, my local Mike kinnie was the big ghey and I wrote up some spoicy oneshot ideas! enjoy! THE COVER IS J...
captured by Non-BinarySalamander
capturedby Raven Grande
deidara infiltrated the hidden sand village
I'll See You Soon. (TonTon) - (CANCELLED) by WitchyDatura
I'll See You Soon. (TonTon) - ( R
Recent notice: I have recently decided to end this story as I have no other ideas on how to continue and I do not have the motivation to continue, I hope you understand...
[Quarantined] Identity v chat   by tervsn
[Quarantined] Identity v chat by tea || left
well basically it's quarantine but the game is still on going except they have to wear a mask there are some ships but mainly jacknaib bc they're my biggest comfort ship