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Making History by DisneyDork0014
Making Historyby Descendants Dork
Auradon is stuck in a forever storm, lightening strikes the barrier of the Isle each night causing it to ripple. Harry Hook and Petra Pan finally thought they had been t...
  • captain
  • bell
  • pan
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Confessions of a Lost Girl (Peter Pan fanfic) by Musicfanatic53
Confessions of a Lost Girl (Peter...by The Seventh Avenger
The very first Lost Girl, Adriana Vicore, has come to Neverland, but Peter and Adriana have a complicated relationship. Pan has never felt the way he does right now, and...
  • pan
  • adventure
  • adriana
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Stars That Glisten (Lord Milori x Male OC) by Katknightmare
Stars That Glisten (Lord Milori x...by Clockwork Master Of Time
Lord Milori never had a romance with Queen Clarian, they were never dating or dated, they were only close friends. So what if a different kind of fairy came into the pi...
  • tinker
  • wings
  • öf
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Finding Killian by irelandwrites
Finding Killianby i r e l a n d
When a shadow frees Emilie Audelaire from her orphanage in Britain, she ends up in the hands of a plundering pirate, rather than a perfect Prince. And in a land where al...
  • captain
  • romance
  • pirate
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Peter Pan Imagines (OUAT) by lost_misfits
Peter Pan Imagines (OUAT)by Nikki
These imagines/one shots consists of made up characters, or real ones. The story's can also be cliche, or totally unique. I usually have awesome ideas that wouldn't go...
  • peter
  • ouatpeterpan
  • peterpanoneshots
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Neverland by xRebeccaDarling
Neverlandby Rebecca
"She crashed through the glass door into the courtyard and she ran to whatever had just fallen out of the sky as fast as she possibly could. When she got to it, she...
  • indians
  • music
  • faerie
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The Heart Tinkers by Rowan_Cordell
The Heart Tinkersby Rowan Cordell
¤ Wattpad Featured & Award Winner ¤ John Locktight has always known that hearts have a certain magic to them. When he and his father move to Hearton, he discovers that...
  • lovestory
  • christian
  • science
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Peter Pan & Wendy [Love Story] by aziwolf
Peter Pan & Wendy [Love Story]by Allyson Barras
Everyone knows the story of Peter Pan, but what happens when Peter seeks Wendy out after five years and she finds out that he has aged, and is begging her to come back t...
  • journey
  • tink
  • chaos
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Clarity Mishaps by PiquantDino
Clarity Mishapsby PiquantDino
Perhaps Pixie Hollow isn't what it seems to be. Every performance has dark secrets lurking underneath. Preview: Terence glanced downward at the list of books, anxiety f...
  • pan
  • originalcharacter
  • tink
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You Came Back by Treaty50
You Came Backby TreatyWrites
Runaan is gone, at least that what Tinker thinks.
  • necklaceelf
  • magic
  • runaan
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Second Star to the Right by Raining_Sunshine
Second Star to the Rightby AJ
Wendy Darling lives in the Twenty First century London. She's a problem child. She doesn't get along with her brothers, Michael and John, and she stays as far away fro...
  • hook
  • peter
  • bell
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Pan by QuueenKay
Panby QuueenKay
"A life without love in it is like a heap of ashes upon a deserted hearth - With the fire dead, the laughter stilled, and the light extinguished." ~Frank P. T...
  • never
  • neverland
  • bell
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Skele-Wolves x Skele-wolf Reader! by PalenaandNathair
Skele-Wolves x Skele-wolf Reader!by PalenaandNathair
Y/n has enjoyed life in the Wildlife Reservation Park since she was a pup. But with breeding season coming up, she has to be taken to a small town called Undervillage, a...
  • dream
  • fell
  • tinker
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Peter Pan and the War of Evils. EDITING. by HardcoreSunflower473
Peter Pan and the War of Evils. ED...by The Great and Powerful, Flowe...
Kaytee thinks nothing could be better when Peter Pan brings her to Neverland, giving her a chance to escape ever having to think about growing up again. And with the bli...
  • boys
  • peter
  • mermaids
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Larry Fairy Tales: Peter Pan by ArianaSnyder
Larry Fairy Tales: Peter Panby Ariana
A Larry Fairy Tale inspired by Peter Pan. Where Harry doesn't get along with his schoolmates because he doesn't wanna grow up and he then meets Louis who is amazing. T...
  • never
  • tinker
  • fairytale
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Being Their Sister by kaityxrowland
Being Their Sisterby Kaitlyn Rose M.
My name is Pipper Rowland, yes Rowland as in Hunter and Brandon Rowland. I am 14 years of age, yeah the same age as my twin brother Hunter Rowland... But you see the thi...
  • hunter
  • sister
  • kidnapped
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Winds Carry by hexia10
Winds Carryby L
Ivy is a newcomer to Pixie Hollow. When she realises that making friends is harder than she thought, she finds herself in the same boat as another misfit named Vidia who...
  • vidia
  • drama
  • bell
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Wolf Song (Wolf!Fresh x Werewolf!Paperjam) by Sadies-Side
Wolf Song (Wolf!Fresh x Werewolf!P...by Sadies Side
when Little Jammy Hood gets scratched by a werewolf, he runs for the forest, finding and eventually falling for Fresh, but with his mom being over protective and Error h...
  • ink
  • werewolf
  • littlejammyhood
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Tinkering With My Heart by sister-slytherin
Tinkering With My Heartby mrs. malfoy
2 years after the Dragon prince was returned to his mother, Rayla is on a journey to Katolis to meet up with Ezran and Callum, when she injures herself badly she starts...
  • callum
  • rayla
  • runnan
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Runaan's Instagram  by waterviking4
Runaan's Instagram by Helie Bloom
Current Status: Trapped in a coin...
  • elf
  • instagram
  • runaan
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