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Biological Kid? || Child of Thor & Bruce by muhlemule
Biological Kid? || Child of acer tracer
*NOT MY FANART* Thor and Bruce gets a surprise visit from SHIELD, getting a new addition to their special lives. ~ I don't own any characters execpt for Jax ~ A/N: i gav...
avengers chatfic by GoAwayLoserPls
avengers chatficby not a loser
what the title says except theyre in highschool and peter parker is hilarious. ships: ironstrange, parley, natasha x pepper, bruce x thor, stucky, + more it gets better...
I Prefer You by SuicidalGooze
I Prefer Youby > H O N K <
Thor Odinson is no stranger to earth. He was sent here for a short while to study, but was brought back to Asgard to complete his training as God of Thunder. He returns...
Aftermath [Ironstrange] by Ezuslx
Aftermath [Ironstrange]by ➶ Aven ➶
After the Avengers defeat Thanos, they decide to go on a vacation to celebrate and, most importantly, clear their minds. Though Tony Stark can't stop worrying about what...
Thorbruce Oneshots  by kamillenbluem
Thorbruce Oneshots by sadcatsrradcats
Just some tooth rotting fluff Oneshots I wrote for fun :) I take request btw (I don't have any more inspiration for scenarios so if y'all want something special just tel...
and everything's alight (thorbruce) by kuragins
and everything's alight (thorbruce)by big boy linguini
Bruce Banner is stuck on an alien spaceship with an alien people returning from an alien planet. Catching feelings for their king isn't the strangest thing that could ha...
Marvel Ships -Oneshots by shanhanD
Marvel Ships -Oneshotsby Boo_
Any ships allowed, Feel free to request No smuts , I'm bad at it , enjoy reading
Avengers react  by Natcouldnotfly
Avengers react by Xaria Pierce
It's kinda of in the title but hey This story kinda sucks btw don't take it very seriously might write a more serious version in the future There reacting to tons of t...
I Need A Doctor - IRONSTRANGE by gaybiebabie
I Need A Doctor - IRONSTRANGEby ♡☆♡
Tony Stark, as known as the infamous Iron Man, is constantly getting wounded in fights. Doctor Stephen Strange seems to be the only doctor suited for the job of helping...
Starks Son and Rogers Daughter by TonyandNat
Starks Son and Rogers Daughterby TonyandNat
This is a story about If Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoffs daughter fell in love with Tony Stark and Pepper Potts son Peter Stark THIS BOOK IS NOT COMPLETED I HAVE ABA...
Rewind To The Past  by Aragon420
Rewind To The Past by Coraline Aragon
Peter also known as Weapon-S, was never normal. He always knew things would be out to get him, but he always wondered why. It all started with what was supposed to be...
A Very Gay Highschool Story by imdumbshesalesbian
A Very Gay Highschool Storyby imdumbshesalesbian
Thorbruce, lokius, ironstrange, stucky, spiderio, and hawksilver are the ships featured in this very gay, very teenaged story. More specific description in 1st chapter.
Iron Dad and Spider Son by Fighting_French_Fry
Iron Dad and Spider Sonby Marquis-de-Lafayette
A bunch of Iron Dad and Spider Son Oneshots! Yay! Some of these chapters contain Infinity War or Endgame spoilers, but each chapter with such will be labeled in the titl...
marvel ship incorrect quotes by natsgirlf
marvel ship incorrect quotesby carterwoodmyloves
a book full of various marvel ships as incorrect quotes!! this includes blackhill, wagatha, carolnat, scarletwidow, sambucky, thorbruce, valcarol and possibly others in...
Love and Hate || Ironstrange by sundayraiin
Love and Hate || Ironstrangeby 🐮
Tony Stark, a Billionaire-playboy-philanthrophist, is infatuated with a man named Stephen Vincent Strange who, unfortunately, despised him. Tony knew this, that is why h...
I can fix you| Ironstrange by IronStrangeThorBruce
I can fix you| Ironstrangeby Fofo | Ironstrange
{HighSchool Au} Tony Stark is a 17 year old depressed and broken teen who's mom died during summer break,now that his mom died he has to live with his abusive father. Af...
The Little Things: A Collection of Thorbruce Oneshots by reyjedi16
The Little Things: A Collection //^
Since Thorbruce is such an underrated ship with a small amount of fics, I decided to write a series of Oneshots that can be interpreted as a continuing story. I don't wa...
BLOCKED • THOR/BRUCE by itsallhunkydory
"You're so adorable, you want to get lunch with me tomorrow?" "Stop making fun of me or else I'm going to fucking block you again!"
Super Ships by lekhajhoka
Super Shipsby 𝓛𝓮𝓴𝓱𝓪
Superhero ships fanarts I am a multi shipper so there will be a lot of ships and they are mostly not straight. There will be mostly MCU ships.Credits to the respective...
Nonexistent by pidge_parker13
Nonexistentby riddle
Everyone is born with their soulmate's last name on their left arm. But like in the case of a certain Peter Parker, sometimes it seems like your other half doesn't even...