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The Daddy Project by FionaJohn
The Daddy Projectby Fiona™
After their Last Project was a success, The Gay Project had spent years planning on another big project. This time, how about we make a couple of daddies? So...
The Gay Project. by FionaJohn
The Gay Fiona™
This new organisation, The Gay Project, has come up with a way to prove to people that being gay is not a choice. They picked eight straight different men from differen...
The Boyfriend Project. by FionaJohn
The Boyfriend Fiona™
The Boyfriend Project is a side project done when no big projects were in play. Officially created by The Gay Project to literally supply a boyfriend to people who had b...
The Gay Project Help. by FionaJohn
The Gay Project Fiona™
Okay so chill for a second. This is not a book. Nope. But I would need this book to start a new one. It has been on my mind for a week now and I think it is a good idea...
The Gay Project ☻ Lashton by boredomofdj
The Gay Project ☻ Lashtonby dj ☜(˚▽˚)☞
❝Hey Luke,you know what kind of project we should do?❞ ❝What?❞ ❝The gay project.❞ ❝What's that?❞ ❝Its when we act gay and do gay stuff and we can show everyone that you...