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Temple Run Player (Short Story) by alygatorx
Temple Run Player (Short Story)by Avrielle Q.
All they know is.. I'm a temple run player CURRENTLY EDITING. WARNING: Wrong grammars everywhere if you dare to read! :)
Number Zone (A Harry Styles FanFiction) by TheBadAssWriter
Number Zone (A Harry Styles FanFic...by Targaryened
Number Zone. A small club where everyone should be masked. Where identities will be revealed at a certain time. Where you will be given a number, making that number your...
Temple Run  by MaliniePrakash
Temple Run by Malinie Prakash
Perry is a normal girl having fun by herself. One day she felt so lonely so she went to a temple. But some dangerous things happened and it became like a temple run game...
Temple Run/Pokémon Logic/ Temple Run Pokémon Crossover! by snowfox24
Temple Run/Pokémon Logic/ Temple R...by Snowy
Hi! Snowy here! I know what you guys are thinking. "SHE NEVER FRUCKING UPDATES HER OTHER BOOKS AND SHES MAKING A NEW ONE!?" The answer is yes. I am. Deal with...
The Temple Run by DknLegend
The Temple Runby David Kibutu
Job Dangers, an archeologist, left his foster-children behind so that he could go and saved a certain photographer... Now trapped in a cell, he's quickly losing hope eve...
Funny Temple Run by Rainbow_415
Funny Temple Runby Camp_Kemp
I do not own Temple Run or it's characters! I made funny Temple Run shorts that I think you guys will find kinda funny! If you don't then you don't have the same sense o...
Temple Run 2 ~ A Short Story by EpicProportions
Temple Run 2 ~ A Short Storyby EpicProportions
I took hold of the idol, admiring the way the light from the entrance glistened off of its gold polish. Suddenly, a deep rumbling resounded around the cave. 'What did I...
Time-Travel Relay Race by stil1water
Time-Travel Relay Raceby bitch
An explorer from the 1940s. A concubine from Ancient China. A member of the NYCPD, circa 1990. A Spanish conquistador. A pirate from the 1700s. A modern-day football sta...
TEMPLE RUN 2 - Scarlett's Story by andreasorocks
TEMPLE RUN 2 - Scarlett's Storyby andreasorocks
The Legend Of Fiery Stone "Eons ago, an idol was carved out of the purest gold and adorned with heavy diamonds for the Kingdom of Rune's new queen. The queen, name...
Cat and Mouse by ski_racing_girl
Cat and Mouseby Brook Haden
"I could feel their breath on the back of my neck, moaning and screeching and begging to be let loose. The spectators beginning to count down, chanting in between...
Temple Run  in real life (season 2,3,4,5 coming soon) (Chapter1) by Murti098
Temple Run in real life (season 2...by Muslera
i m going the school my friend: hey what is this me: don' t touch my friend: *touch* me: run!!!! my friend: ok!! Temple run bear: hey you and you stop or kill you and yo...
Freefall (RotBTFD Arcade AU) by elsa_la_arendelle
Freefall (RotBTFD Arcade AU)by Writer over here
Thre's a new game at Litwak's Family Fun and Arcade, FROZEN Freefall, and it's hogging all the attention. Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game, decides...
Temple Run by ajonamo
Temple Runby ajonamo
The story of Guy Dangerous and his quest to steal the idol. Find out why does he keep on running. Disclaimer: I do not own the app Temple Run