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Under the Moon and Stars With You by JupiterXVIII
Under the Moon and Stars With Youby Themisto
Prologue: My name is Austraea Starlight, a college senior who had a perfect normal life. I was declared as valedictorian, I was the captain of the cheering squad, the pr...
Rope Ladder To The Stars by ErikaHarlo13
Rope Ladder To The Starsby Erika Harlo
Colette Richards is a normal girl who is trying to live her life as simple as possible. It's going well, until everything around her starts to change. Suddenly everythin...
The Last Human by chairsniffa
The Last Humanby Duane
It is the year 2087. The Last Human has been on the run for twenty years and is finally captured by the victorious alien conquerors, The Stellaris. He is brought before...
Garden by researchist1990
Gardenby researchist1990
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Toilet by forestiera1934
Toiletby forestiera1934
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Milk by hesperidium1901
Milkby hesperidium1901
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Printer by connascency1924
Printerby connascency1924
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Man by incendiarist1944
Manby incendiarist1944
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Ice by seamancraft1997
Iceby seamancraft1997
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Cycle by repollute1919
Cycleby repollute1919
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Bowl by preevade1900
Bowlby preevade1900
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Window by rhipidopterous1951
Windowby rhipidopterous1951
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Map by prototheria2010
Mapby prototheria2010
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Aircraft Carrier by unmiscible1907
Aircraft Carrierby unmiscible1907
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Money $$$$ by muskwood1931
Money $$$$by muskwood1931
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Circus by embryoscope1975
Circusby embryoscope1975
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The Silver Eye Rants and Raves by Ella487
The Silver Eye Rants and Ravesby Ella
I DO NOT OWN THE SILVER EYE. Laura/lostie815 does. She is an amazing artist, and all the art and comic excerpts belong to her. These are just my thoughts and opinions on...
Elephant by nonfeminist2002
Elephantby nonfeminist2002
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Map by writmaking1978
Mapby writmaking1978
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Car by streaminesses1949
Carby streaminesses1949
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